Our Trip to Colorado & New Four Wheel Camper

Hi all! First of all, thank you guys for being excited with Marco and I about what we were up to this weekend. It made it even more fun for us!

Four Wheel Camper (1)

I couldn’t wait to share with you that we were getting our Four Wheel Camper, a dream I’ve mentioned several times before on the blog.

We’ve always known that our first big purchase would be a camper to take after my families long going tradition of summer vacations to the beach, campfires, snowboarding trips to Yosemite, and long drives exploring this crazy beautiful state of California (…plus flat tires, breaking trailer slides, and forgetting that we left a window open driving through the red dirt in Utah – you know, all of it!).

My family has always made camping such a fun event. Camping, for me, has been a time of relaxation, fun, spontaneity, and adventure. There’s no tradition in my family that I want to continue MORE than I do camping.

So, Sunday, my dad drove Marco and I from Ventura to LAX to start our trek to pick up the camper and truck from Rocky Mountain Four Wheel Camper.

Celebratory Beer

We got to the airport early, and veering from our normal drinking traditions (aka, not at 9:00 AM), we ordered a celebratory beer at 9:00 AM while we waited for our flight. Celebrating our trip!

Flying Over Colorado

The flight to Colorado was beautiful, but also God awful. Okay, MOST OF THE FLIGHT was FINE, but in the last 10 minutes I literally thought. We. Are. Going. Down.

The people on the plane screamed loudly at the turbulence and I closed my eyes to pray through it as my heart proceeded to pound violently at my chest. I’ve never been so afraid yet felt so helpless at the same time. Please God, bring us down safely! While simultaneously thinking “but oh my God! Other planes have gone down before! This could be it.”

Needless to say, we landed fine and MAYBE I’m being dramatic, but this was the first time I’ve actually been AFRAID on a plane. Would you be scared if your whole plane was SCREAMING? Like, people! This cannot get any worse – don’t scream to add to it!

Four Wheel Camper

Anyway, we landed in CO safely and headed straight for our camper. Chris at RMFWC was amazing. He showed us everything about our camper, shared funny stories of people making mistakes with forgetting to lock the pop top down before driving, and welcomed us to the four wheel family.


Before starting our official drive home, we drove to Boulder to check out the university, town, and views. You guys. I’ve never seen a more beautiful university and such a cool town.

Note to self: if you ever move from SLO, move to Boulder. But then don’t, because you’ll really miss your family.

While in Boulder, in a very normal Marco & Paige fashion, we got Chipotle for dinner as we were overwhelmed with all of the options (and wanted to get on the road). We left Boulder around 6:30 PM and drove until 3:00 AM. We got to Utah and set up camp. Aka, popped our top and climbed into bed.

Three hours later we woke up to the most beautiful canyon! We had no idea we’d parked in such a magnificent spot and were totally surprised when we woke up. What a cool thing!

We hopped back on the road and traveled 16 hours straight back to Ventura, CA.


Along the way we stopped for gas and food (like this yummy sub sandwich above), and even took a few walks. We walked around a parking lot, walked inside of a Target, and made every effort to stretch our legs.

Tostada Bowls

We got to Ventura around 8:00 PM, ate dinner (these yummy tostada bowls), and even managed to fit in the entire episode of the Bachelorette (well, Marco fell asleep, ha!). Which, by the way, I was not so impressed with this group of guys! What about you guys? I do love JoJo!

Marco and I are so excited for the adventures to come with our new camper, and are already looking forward to a full beach camping day this coming weekend. Wish us luck finding a spot on Memorial Day weekend.

I can’t wait to share more trailer diaries with you guys! Anyone out there reading have a Four Wheel Camper or share a similar love for camping as I do?

Love, Paige

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