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Good morning all! So, first, we’re gonna do a little daily eats. Since I know how much you all love that ūüôā BUT THEN, to end… I’m going to share THREE awesome perks of going V.I.P. on the blog! And guess what, it’s free! <– Seriously, I expect every one of you to GO¬†V.I.P. today!!!

Simple and Satisfying Breakfast Tacos With Eggs

Breakfast¬†was eggs & corn tortillas. We were out of salsa, so it wasn’t as exciting! We both ended up eating the eggs only.

Mid-Morning Snack | A Small Bowl of Trail Mix

Mid-morning snack was a little (yea, super little) bowl of trail mix. I was just trying to curb my appetite to get through a meeting before eating lunch.

Gluten Free Tortilla With Beans, Rice, Romaine Lettuce, and Cilantro Dressing

Lunch was a gluten free tortilla with beans, rice, romaine lettuce, and cilantro dressing. See! I got creative even though we were out of salsa! Yum, this was good!

Satisfying Afternoon Snack | Rice with Beans and Quinoa Chips

Afternoon snack was just enough to carry me through my last two Clients for the day. A scoop of leftover rice and beans with a few quinoa chips.

Gluten Free Pasta Pesto With A Side Salad

Dinner was gluten free brown rice pasta with pesto sauce and a super simple caesar salad (romaine + caesar).

Okay, now for the super exciting part!

Download your free Thanksgiving Day worksheet so you won't end the day with a "food coma"

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Perks of going V.I.P. for FREE!

  1. You get a FREE, carefully crafted, by me and Simi,¬†Thanksgiving Day handout emailed to you the morning of Thanksgiving!¬†This will show you how¬†to eat calmly¬†on Thanksgiving, and NOT leave feeling stuffed, tired, and desperate to “do better tomorrow.” Imagine feeling GOOD after TDAY! And, I mean, it’s free!
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I switch it up to keep you interested, I made it¬†simple,¬†useful, and easy to read because I KNOW we’re all short on time.

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Love, Paige

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