Free Webinar – “How to Make Peace with Food this Summer!”

As you read this, I am waking up with my cousins in the tiny town of Cambria, CA. We had “Cousins Camp” this weekend… this was our first one!

Our moms started “Cousins Camp” with their own cousins a while back, and it has allowed them to stay super close and connected… I love the effort our Moms have put into keeping our family so tight-knit.

This weekend has been so full of great conversation, laughing, being real, raw, vulnerable, & wine… wine, too… Haha, seriously though… it’s been such a sweet girls time together…

These are the kinds of joys that you want to be able to soak up this summer, too. What do you have planned? Girls trips, family vacations, dinners? Birthday’s? What do you want to make sure you don’t miss out on?

Would it be great to have a tight-knit community of women surrounding you with encouragement this summer? Would it be helpful to learn about body confidence, joy, eating out/BBQ’s, listening to your body… etc?

Then join us in Self-Love Summer! We’re a community of women on a mission to make this summer our most joy-filled, loving one yet! Here’s to 2015…

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ALSO, my sweet partner in SLS, Abby, is hosting a free webinar:

“How to Make Peace with Food this Summer!”

Abby_Eat Work Play Balanced

Abby 🙂 ^^

She’ll be sharing free tips to: overcome yoyo dieting; find balance with food, and; have your best summer yet! I adore Abby. She’s got the most gentle hearted kind of soul out there.

She genuinely wants to help you girls have better relationships to food & your bodies. Just like me. Needless to say, we get along really well :).

I’ll be listening in for those 60-minutes. If you’d like to join me for some major encouragement, sign-up for free below (pick one, and pre-register using the links below):

  1. Here’s the link for Wednesday May 27 >> sign-up for Wed
  2. Here’s the link for Thursday May 28 >> sign-up for Thurs

Yay! Alrighty girls.

See you back here tomorrow… I’m going to share the recipe for that AMAZING pasta I posted on instagram last week! Lots of you asked for it, & it’s the perfect recipe for summer! Get the recipe in your inbox in the AM by signing-up here for “new posts as they go up.”

Healthy Hits the Spot_Summer Pasta

The photo from insta that you all asked about… ^^


Love, Paige

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