Friday favorites- my go-to blogs!

So, I thought this would be a fun post for my Friday Favorites! What are my favorite blogs? Well, here are the ones that come to my mind first! 🙂

Of course, Tone It Up! These girls are amazing, and buying their Nutrition Plan might just be the best move I’ve made in healthy living! I’ve had SO much fun with this!

Eating Bird Food! Brittany’s blog is the FIRST food blog that I ever came across! I was looking for a recipe to make “green bean fries,” and came across the world of food blogging. I owe her the greatest THANK YOU!

Carrots N’ Cake has also been a huge encouragement to me! I read her book, Carrots N’ Cake, and it motivated me to get my blog taking off too!

Kath Eat’s Real Food has a healthy take on eating WHOLE foods, and I am in LOVE with her pictures! See for yourself!

Peanut Butter Fingers always seems to have a great attitude, and her blog is super fun to read!

The Gluten-Free Goddess has some of the most delicious looking recipes, and has SO MANY!

J’s Everyday Fashion has been such a go-to blog for me for color-blocking! J makes me want to put the most bold colors together! She has such a great attitude, and is always finding the best deals and sharing them with her readers, DAILY!

Those are a few of my favorite blogs! If you guys have a blog, or know of more that you love and would like to share, please comment below and share them with me! I’d love to take a look! 🙂


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