Frozen yogurt date with my boys!

So, tonight I got fro-yo and I think I made an oops because I came home with a tummy ache (which I now know where it’s coming from). Pretty sure that I didn’t pick a wise flavor. I talked to some friends who are gluten-free, looked it up, and found out that I should stay away from the “cookie” or “cake” flavors. Silly me- I went to the machine that had cake and strawberry right next to each other, and got the one with the two flavors mixed together. Next time I’m going to just get a fruity or tart flavor- and see how that makes me feel. This is all a process that will be learned through listening to my body 😉

So tonight’s Frozen Yogurt date was with a couple of my Kido’s- Aidan and Jace!

Look how cute they are!

Here’s Aidan. He told me that he likes to eat the stems of the cherries. Haha! Crazy boy 😉

And here’s Jace, while he was still in his seat.

This is how he was the rest of the evening. We had a ton of fun though- I kept sneaking around him, “finding him,” and snagging pictures! He was laughing so hard! It was totally adorable. I seriously love my job- so thankful to be a Nanny & babysitter!

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