Full Rainbow!

Do you see it? Full rainbow on Saint Patricks Day!


I tried to zoom in a bit closer…. how did it work?


I only pictured half of it, but it was a FULL rainbow! Looks like there is going to be a pot of gold at the end!


Today, I really believe there was gold at the end. Too much good happened for there not to be!

I spent the whole day with Aubrey. We had such a good, sweet time together. After breakfast, I didn’t eat anything other than some Cadburry Eggs because we were so busy. At about 5, we went back to Aubreys house and heated up her leftovers from the night before. A piece of homemade pizza from the night before, and some delicious pasta! Her friend made her a wonderful dinner the night before! So sweet, and SO yummy!


After that, I left to go babysit. At about 8, I had two little pieces of a turkey sandwich and some falafel chips with a spoonful of hummus. This was perfect and yummy. Lot’s of leftovers today! These were leftover from a meeting that the lady I’m babysitting for had. Haha!


And to end my night, now at 10:15, I’m having a Macrobar. Coconut & Granola Flavor

They are good, but still don’t even come close to my LARABAR! BUT, they are really filling!


Hope you all have a goodnight! Once I am off, I am back to Aubreys! We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow! Hope you guys had a wonderful Saint Patricks Day 🙂

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