Funny Faces

Good afternoon everyone! Well, almost evening here! Hope you all are having a nice day.

So, I got the next two things checked off my list Babysitting, and currently… Nannying


While I babysat, I snacked on a few Falafel Chips and a spoonful of hummus


For lunch, I had whole wheat pasta with black beans, pesto, and freshly grated parmesan cheese


It was great. I loved the black beans in the pasta. Gave it such a different taste, and the only reason I even added them is because I wanted a little bit more substance than just noodles & pesto. Nice surprise, and an easy thing to pack for babysitting!

The pasta and beans were already cooked, I just stuck them in a container with 1 tbsp. of pesto on top and took off


The next thing I had was 1/4 cup of trail mix.

I like to measure trail mix out because I really don’t need a lot to be satisfied, but without measuring it I forget that 😉


I put it in this cute little yellow bowl just for further enjoyment 🙂

Now, I am watching Griff. We are doing homework (just finished math) and to lighten the load we took a few funny pictures

IMG_8117.jpg IMG_8120.jpg IMG_8121.jpg IMG_8122.jpg

Isn’t he just LOVELY? Haha

Enjoy! See you back here for dinner 🙂

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