Yesterday morning, I went over to my parents house to do Laundry.

I packed a little breakfast of “overnight oats” and had them about 2 hours later.


Lots of workout clothes to wash this week. That’s always a good sign 🙂


When I ate my “overnight oats,” I heated them up and added a little bit of granola


While waiting for my laundry, I blogged to all of you about Saturday night


After that, I went home, Health Coached, and made some lunch


Lunch was an avocado, sprout, and romaine sandwich. For a little extra flavor, I put about 1 tsp. of organic mayo, and sea-salt + pepper. On the side, I had organic snap peas and sliced tomato

photo 2.JPG

After lunch, I got ready for Marco’s belated Birthday dinner with his parents. Better late than never, right?


We went to an Italian Restaurant called Giannfranco’s in Carpenteria. Man, was it good!

IMG_2542.JPG IMG_2543.JPG

Marco and I split a beet salad


And I had spinach raviolis. I love the portions sizes of raviolis. It always seems like it won’t be enough, but then you leave being perfectly satisfied


Of course, a chocolate mousse truffle can help with the satisfaction 😉


And so can a decaf cappuccino!

I want to go here with my best, food tastin’, friend. KAYLA! We would have the best time. The flavors were outrageous!


Marco + I


And his Grandparents 🙂 I felt totally treated by them last night. It was nice being in Carpenteria, reminiscing in childhood memories. When I was younger, Carp was my second home. We were always there camping 🙂


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