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Finally Free Girl Talk

This is just for you, ladies!

You are invited.

This Sunday, all those who are signed up HERE will be getting mine & Sim’s free 30-minute recording.

We’re chatting about eating intuitively for ENERGY. We could all use some extra energy, right?

When we listen to our minds, we may be cutting ourselves short of the energy that’s available to us.

But, when we listen to our bodies, we are opened up to a whole world of the energy that’s available to us.

And when we’re in our ENERGY, or, our POWER, we do a better job of showing up in the world. For our families, our careers, our passions, our friends…

We owe it to ourselves.

On this call, Sim and I will guide you toward your highest ENERGY, as we answer the TOP THREE ways that women get confused listening to their bodies.

We’ll teach you how to decipher between your minds voice (your “should” voice) and your bodies voice (where our intuition lives).

When you begin listening to your body, you will feel more connection, harmony, and peace with food.

Join us for free.

You’ll be able to listen on your own time. We know you’ve got a lot going on. We all do. Sign-up, and listen to our 30-minute recorded call this week while you’re cooking, getting ready for the day, or while you’re on the elliptical.

We can’t wait to share with you!

Invite your girl friends! 

We love you.


Paige & Sim

Love, Paige

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