Girls Trip Today

Good morning ladies! Happy Friday!

I am leaving you with a Daily Eats post this weekend, and tomorrow, I’ll be featuring my Client testimonials 🙂

Mom and I are going on a little weekend trip! We are leaving in just 1 hour. I am so excited to spend some quality time with her. I haven’t shopped in forever, so I’m excited that we will be staying in a place with lots o’ shopping. Marco… if you’re reading this… it’s going to be okay 😉


Yesterday for breakfast, I woke up craving Greens. My body is in anti meat mode right now. Not sure how long that will last!

I made a salad with:

-Trader Joe’s Kale/Cabbage Blend

-Garbanzo Beans


-Goddess Dressing (from TJ’s — Vegan)

-Red Chili Pepper Flakes


For lunch, I was still craving the same thing, so I made another salad + a slice of toasted ezekiel with drizzled olive oil, avocado (on the toast instead of the salad this time), and red chili pepper flakes


This is what I’m taking to the shower we’re going to tomorrow. Cute wrapping huh? And a book instead of a card 🙂


For dinner, March picked us up Chipotle! Yum!


I had a Veggie Burrito with: brown rice, black beans, veggies, pico de gallo, lettuce, & guacamole. No meat, cheese, or sour cream for me. This felt good to eat!


For dessert, Ruby Red Chait tea with 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate.

Ah, this day of eating felt so good! I’m off to make myself a smoothie this morning, and then head out on our Mom & Daughter night.

Have a fun weekend everyone!

PS, if you click the photos, they’ll take you to more yummy recipes on the blog that are similar! LOTS of good ideas for the weekend!

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