Gluten Free Pancakes!

Time for my breakfast post! Mmm-mmm good! I am so pleased with these pancakes!

Gluten Free Brown Rice Pancakes

They are gluten-free, and one box is $5 at Whole Foods. Not bad!

Trader Joe's Organic Maple Agave Syrup

I also used Maple Agave Syrup from Trader Joes, which is also G-Free!

Trader Joe's Maple Agave Syrup With Gluten Free Pancakes

Cute, right?

Fluffy Gluten Free Pancakes With Scrambled Eggs

These pancakes were so yummy! I put one egg, a few splashes of mix, a little splash of canola oil, and enough powder to thicken. I don’t really follow recipes…

Gluten Free Pancakes With A Side of Scrambled Eggs

I also had 1 egg, and 2 whites on the site. It was super yummy! These pancakes taste like french toast! Next time I might have to add a little powdered sugar 😉

These pancakes are also super filling. I couldn’t finish them all, but I did eat all my eggs 🙂 I left one pancake on my plate because I was already almost full after the first little one! Gluten-free food is much more filling to me, and easier to digest. What more could I ask for?!

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