Goat Cheese & Blueberry Bagel

Good morning everyone! I am wishing you all a safe & happy day.

I woke up early today to say bye to my Dad as he is off to Surgery. I know many of you are praying for him and for that I thank you. Love that man so much! I can’t believe what a hard worker he is… worked every last day on the house up until his surgery, and he did it without one complaint!

My day today is filled with 3 babysitting jobs, packing, and spending time with my sweet Dad.

You all know that last week I was supposed to go to SD and my friend got sick, so we had to switch the date to tomorrow. That being said. Tomorrow I am off to San Diego!


This morning for breakfast, I made the combo that I was talking about in last nights post.

There was a goat & blueberry cheese roll at Trader Joes that I heard was fabulous. It inspired this breakfast!


2 eggs, 1 white + one whole wheat bagel thin with a little bit of butter, goat cheese, and blueberries


So good! This tasted like a fancy gourmet breakfast. If you do like goat cheese, I’m sure you will enjoy this too


Hope you all have a great day! I am about to jump in the shower and get ready for babysitting. Got lots to do today! See you back here around lunch!

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