Going to San Francisco!

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday. You all ready for the week? I hope you enjoyed your weekends!

Monday always feels like a fresh start. Whatever you’re going through, lay it down today, and let yourself move through this next week.




Saturday morning I woke up, painted my nails, went on Pinterest, and drank my Coffee. Always a good Saturday morning 🙂

For breakfast, at about 8:30, I had toast & eggs. Did I need to tell you that? Guess what’s for Breakfast tomorrow?

photo 1

After breakfast, I went to my Moms house to do laundry.. Yay, laundry! While I was there, I started to have a piece of her oatmeal, agave, zucchini bread that she made. After two bites, I got a call from a friend to go pick up her son. So, instead of forcing the rest down, I gave it to my Mom and said “I’ll have some later if it sounds good again, I want to enjoy it.” — I share this to share with you my mentality of aiming to only eat when you’re calm. It helps! Don’t rush. Slow and steady…

photo 2

Between 12 & 1 I had a toasted ham sandwich on sourdough with a bleu cheese and brown rice salad. I just sprinkled the rice on top for extra texture. This held me over until 6:30p. It was yummy!


At 6:30, I snacked on dinner instead of eating my own. I was making the kids dinner and had a tasted their turkey meatloaf and decided I wanted a slice. I had a few bites of edemame as well. This held me over until 9:30.

photo 3

After the kids went down, I BOOKED A ROOM IN SF! Airbnb is the greatest! I can’t wait to visit! It’s for my Birthday!


At 9:30p, I got hungry, so I had a little bit of my salad and one tofu roll. I saved the rest for the next day. I also had chai tea with it. Perfect way to end the night.

IMG_4835.JPG IMG_4836.JPG

Oh wait, I actually ended the night with YouTube, sit-ups, push-ups, and a Larabar… Ha! I babysat until mid-night on Saturday, so I was trying to keep myself awake and entertained. Sit-ups and push-ups really help with that!



photo 1

Sunday morning I woke up with a stomach ache – maybe the tea?? Maybe dinner too late (probably)?

So, instead of starting my morning out just not feeling great, I decided to go for a walk! By the way, whenever you see this Starbucks cup, it doesn’t mean I go to SBUX everyday. It’s re-useable 🙂

I ended up walking to my parents house where I got to hangout with them, read a Thank You card from a Client, and see my little Noah. It was the best way to start off the day!


When I got home, I got all ready for Church and had breakfast with Marco. I told you I wouldn’t need to tell you what it was!

photo 2

For lunch, I had the other half of my salad and tofu roll.

Two hours later I also had part of a Subway sandwich and a few bits of pasta salad that Marco didn’t finish at a family BBQ.

photo 3

In the evening, I went out for Chai Latte’s with my cousin Haley. My maid of honor! We spent so much time talking about health/life that we didn’t even get to the Wedding, so she’s coming over again Tuesday morning 🙂

My cousin and I have been so close since we were in diapers. I can’t wait to have her by my side on my big day!


To end the weekend and night, Green Smoothie and water! Marco wanted some too 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m off to babysit. Usually, I only have one little girl on Monday’s…. but I hear all kids have the day off? That means 3 little kido’s… wish me luck!

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