Ditch Your “Good” Food and “Bad” Food Labels

Ditch Your "Good" Food and "Bad" Food Labels

Little story. Last night while I was cooking dinner I pulled out a jalapeño & artichoke dip that a few of my girlfriends recommended to me (it’s SO good and it’s from Trader Joe’s – have you tried it?).

I grabbed two different kinds of crackers from the cupboard to dip with: cheese crisps (those crackers that are 100% cheese) and multi-grain pita chips. Again, they’re both from TJ’s and they’re both delicious.

As I was eating and thinking about HOW good they each tasted I looked at the bags of crackers and started to think to myself… Hmm, if I thought fat were “bad” I’d think these pita chips were healthy and that I were being “good” for choosing them. And if I thought carbs were bad I’d think the little cheese crisps, which are all fat, would be heavens gift to earth and that I were being “good” by choosing those.

Thankfully, in doing a lot of work over the years to move away from BOTH mentalities, I didn’t have to worry about either of these things. Instead, I got to listen to my body, which let me know…

A few of each type of cracker would feel great.

Too much of anything would feel bad.

I am neither good nor bad for any food choice that I make.

A little bit of ANY FOOD can be enjoyed AND leave me feeling good.

It’s all about finding foods that we enjoy and that allow us to feel our best.

It’s about having the mentality that started me off on this whole journey, anyway: the realization that if I was going to eat something I may as well find a way to enjoy it versus feel guilty over it.

It’s allowing myself ANY and ALL foods at anytime. Truly, without any restrictions. It doesn’t matter what I had for dinner last night, what I’m having for lunch today, what snack I had earlier. Anything is okay. All I am responsible for is checking in with myself around what I want.

When we restrict or we place labels on our foods we:

  • don’t get to enjoy our food
  • feel guilty when we eat something that doesn’t align with our rules
  • end up eating more because we’re so consumed by thoughts about food
  • think about food way more often than we normally would
  • feel out of control when we eat what we think we shouldn’t eat
  • waste so much of our precious brain space on food when we could be thinking about our careers, our friends, our joys, etc…

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So here’s to intuitive eating. Here’s to feeling GENUINELY free from food rules and the burdens I used to place on myself. And here’s to you if you’re doing or trying to learn the same thing (I promise you, even if it’s a little rocky at first, it’s SO worth it).

Would you like it…

  • …if I did a “31 days of eats” challenge in January? Meaning, I’ll focus the entire month on daily eats blog posts. Would you all be into that? Leave a comment and let me know! A few of you have sent me messages saying you miss my daily eats posts so I’d love to focus on posting more of them in January!
Love, Paige

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