Good evening everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day! It’s time for a date night for me, so I’m going to do a quick post before I leave  🙂

As a snack today, before I babysat, I had a small apple all sliced up, combined with sliced up homemade protein bars. For the recipe, click here 🙂

While I was making dinner, I enjoyed the last chocolate strawberry in the house, with a little bit of peanut butter drizzled on top. Can you say PB & J?!

Now for the fun part! A little treat for all of you! GOOD FOR YOU PIZZA! Don’t give up your pizza, just make it a healthier 🙂

To start, get some whole wheat, or sprouted grain tortillas. These are my favorite, because they are so good for you! These are complete proteins!

Next, get out all your toppings while you’re heating your oven to 425

I like to use pesto as my sauce

For my toppings, I used spinach, onions, tomato…

…a little bit of mozzarella cheese, and a little bit of blue cheese crumbles. Mmm!

Put your tortilla on a cookie sheet sprayed with a little bit of olive oil spray (or pam), place all your toppings on, with the cheese last.

Cook for about 10 minutes, or until you see the cheese getting golden brown spots

Cut up, and enjoy!

I gave my Dad half of this Pizza because I am going to dinner and a movie tonight 🙂

Something I have learned for myself… I do so much better when I do NOT plan what I eat. If I am going to dinner in 2 hours, but I am hungry for some healthy pizza, I’ll make it, eat a little bit, and share the rest. That way, when I go to dinner, I am not starving of hunger and cravings. It’s good to satisfy yourself little by little all throughout the day 🙂

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