Good Friday

Friday, Friday, Friday!

So, while I was babysitting, after the morning Oats that I posted, I got hungry again and had this whole wheat english muffin with PB & J

Chloe and I then got ready to go outside and play 🙂

Her hair was in a pony! Look how cute!

After I watched Chlo, I went to TJ’s and picked up a few things.

While I was there, I got this Country Salad and the Tofu Spring Rolls to take with me to Carp

Sadly, I left my lunch at home 🙁

It’s okay though… I ate the Spring Rolls at about 5 pm when I got back to Ventura 🙂

Anyway, before I left Carp around 11ish, I made this

  • One piece Ezekiel
  • 3 slices Turkey
  • About 4 small pieces of Artichoke Hearts (Marinated from Costco)
  • 1 piece Muenster Cheese under the broiler on HIGH for about 5 minutes

  • Pre-Made Country Grain Salad from Trader Joes. So good! This is half the container

Daisy once again was lounging around before I left 🙂

When I got to Carp, Haley and I (my cousin) checked out a few stores and then went to Rite Aid to buy some… things… Haha, we captured this moment because it was too funny (boys, close your eyes)!!! My Mom gave me about 6 coupons for tampons because now that I moved out- those babies are pricey! Of COURSE I was buy one get one free coupons! Haha, anyway, I kept 2 coupons for myself and handed out the others to my girlfriends. They were grateful too, that’s why I new some of you would appreciate this 😉 Needless to say- I am now stocked. Haha!

Oh, and it was super interesting walking down the Main St. in Carp, all the way back to our campground, with a basically clear bag full of tampons!

When we got back to the campground, after I had searched high and low for the lunch pail that I left at home, I made lunch with Haley

Turkey sandwiches with really messed up bread. Haha, regardless of how much the bread seemed to hate me, the sandwich was delicious! I had a couple handfuls of quinoa & black bean chips on the side too.

This is Haley displaying how HOT those peppers were

Since the seeds are usually what make the peppers hot, her genius (harldly!!!) idea was to drink the juice (Shelly and I were dying). Haha, it DID NOT work

After Camping out with my fam for the day, I came back home to eat a little something and get ready for the 7pm Good Friday Service at my Church. IT. WAS. AMAZING. It was a little bit of a crier. I’ll just say that….

After service, a bunch of us ‘kids’ from the Church went to in-n-out. I got a protein style cheeseburger with Coffee. Yes, probably the only girls to order Coffee at 9pm

Haley & I

Aubrey and Rhianna!

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