Good Job to YOU!

Good morning everyone! It’s bright and early here, 6:30 am. I have already been to the gym, eaten breakfast, showered, and packed all my food for the day (actually I put it all together last night, but packed it up this morning). 🙂

This morning on the way home, I was telling Marco what I was going to do today. “Well, I’m going to go home, eat breakfast, get ready, get myself situated and organized for my Health Coaching session, have a phone conference for an hour, go babysit from 8-12:30, 1-6:30, and 6:45-10…” After I told him, he goes “Good job babe”

I said thank you and sat in silence for a few moments. We must have passed 3 street lights before I got the chance to tell him how much that meant to me. Just hearing “good job” sent my brain on a whole journey of how hard I really have been working, and how much I’ve been enjoying it. I think sometimes I tend to feel like I just do normal things everyday, I forget to appreciate how hard I really am working for being a (almost) 21 year old girl. I have a lot going for me, and I feel so proud of myself for doing all that I do everyday, and making time for it! The truth is, if he wouldn’t have said those couple words, I wouldn’t have stopped to think about how proud I am of all that I do.

This isn’t a post to gloat about myself, but rather to tell of you “GOOD JOB!” Good job for whatever you do everyday, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing. Stop for one moment and think about all that you do, and just appreciate yourself for whatever that is. Sometimes we get so busy that we almost feel like we arn’t doing good because we are just telling everyone how “busy” we are all of the time. Well, hey! As long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing, and still getting to spend time everyday loving your friends and family, who cares! So here is from me to each and everyone of you! “GOOD!! JOB!!” 🙂


Now onto last night. Once I was off work, Marco came over with a bottle of my favorite wine. I was just introduced to this a couple days ago, and I can easily call it my “so-far favorite.” Menage a Trois. Get it!


For dinner, I made us a caramelized onion, ham, and cheese tarte from Trader Joes, with a side salad


I love these tartes because they’re thin, satisfying, and full of flavor… yet, they do not make you too full


I enjoyed my dinner with a glass (or two) of my new favorite wine… even Marco likes this one!


For dessert, we had potato salad. Okay, it wasn’t really dessert, but my Mom had just made a ton and we wanted to try it. So lets call it dessert. Treat after dinner, right? 🙂


Okay, and now for today! I am working a lot as you can see, so here is what I am taking

Lentils, quinoa, & bruschetta + carrots & hummus


Non-fat plain Greek yogurt w/ organic local honey & a small banana


Chicken tortilla soup, a Larabar, an apple, and a small pear


Plus, last night I prepared Overnight Oats to have for breakfast! Mmmmmm how I missed them!!!

-1/3 c. Oats

-1/3 c. almond milk

-1/2 tsp. chia seeds

-1 small banana, or half a regular

-1 tbs. raisins

-1 tbs. peanut butter

Stir, cover, and let sit in the fridge overnight. Add some milk to stir in the morning and enjoy cold. It’s the best!


This morning I just added a little bit of almond milk, stirred, and ENJOYED!

Picture 1

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