Good News x 2!

Good morning!

First Good News: Look what starts today! IIN! I just got my first Module! Ready to learn all about Health Coaching for the next year!

Now let’s talk about yesterday, and let you all in on the next good news!

Breakfast: banana & sunflower butter

Of course, with black coffee!

This is the sunflower butter I buy from Trader Joes

Lunch: Spring mix with homemade blue cheese dressing and sliced tomato

Rewind one day. Saturday, my friend Aubrey (next to me, second in from the left) took me and a bunch of friends to the Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney Concert!

I was happy to spend time with my friends, and past roomies. Miss those girls!

After the concert, I was super awake (thank you RedBull) and asked Marco if he wanted to go to Carrows- 1:30am dinner? Sure! It was so much fun.

We ended up staying out until like 3am just talkin away. I got a dinner salad with blue cheese which was surprisingly delicious! That salad was the reason for my lunch yesterday- I was totally craving it.

Okay, back to yesterday

Dinner: spinach & chive linguine with alfredo sauce, chicken sausage, & broccoli and a third piece of Naan Bread.

I think I went a little too light on the alfredo sauce. Lesson learned- next time, if you want to try and be healthier, make your own. Don’t skimp on the amount used.

Say hello to my new little friend! She decided to eat her dinner “on the tile.” Later I asked “Ella, do you always get to eat dinner one the tile?” She said “Nope, only at snack time!” Whoops! Next time dinner table it is! She just looked too happy to move her 🙂

While she was eating dinner, her sister decided she was going to have nap time under the table 😉

When Em decided to wake up, she ate some dinner, and then we all went out for FroYo!

Petite Treat: small FroYo with pistachio & peanut butter flavor + granola/carob chips

That smile 🙂

And this one!

This is called the “sugar dance”

And there she goes again!

Okay, so you are probably wondering what the next good news is… Well, as you know in my last post, my last day Nannying Griffin was Thursday. My plan was to do babysitting jobs on the side until I could start Health Coaching, but Someone had bigger plans for me. I was blessed to meet a family through my cousin that was searching for the perfect Nanny for their two girls. I went ahead and interviewed with the family and it ended up being wonderful! The girls and I hit it off right away, and I had my fingered crossed! The timing of this was crazy- I guess that’s how it usually works?!

Second Good News: Well, yesterday I got to spend most of the day with them, and when the parents got home they said I was hired!

So now, I am a Nanny for two sweet sweet little girls! I feel soo lucky to begin this journey with them. I am sure you will be seeing much of them! My favorite thing about them is that they both remind me so much of myself as a child, so I can relate to them so well. I am soo thankful!

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