Good, Not Great

good, not great

Ever heard someone say… I only play to win. Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you’ve said it.

Too many times have I heard people say – sometimes directly and sometimes in a roundabout way – that they don’t want to do something unless they’re GREAT at it.

I want to ask you… How do YOU feel about this? Are there things in your life that you’re okay with just being good at? Or do you have to be THE BEST at everything you do?

Sending an email. Being a friend. Doing your job. Exercising. Cooking. Eating well. Staying on schedule. Being organized. Maintaining healthy relationships.

I’m not diminishing the awesome qualities that birth from going after something, getting better at something, or mastering a craft… Getting better at something is awesome. Challenging ourselves is awesome.

But, if we’re always aiming for GREAT, how many things would we never even get started on? How many things would stay ideas and not actually because THINGS that we get to enjoy? How many fun things would we miss out on?

It’s okay to not be GREAT at everything you do. Even to not be GREAT at most things you do! Sometimes, oftentimes, it’s okay to just DO. And you guys… we can give a good healthy effort to things and just be GOOD.

GOOD does NOT = lazy. Sometimes it just equals done! Or, attempted! Or, participated!

If we were to hold ourselves to the standard of needing to be the BEST at everything or not do it at all… Holy cow… How many things would we NOT do/start/try? There are so many things in my life I would have never even attempted if I thought I had to be GREAT at them, or else…

I had a client say to me the other day “I came home from vacation and it was right back to life… sometimes I wish life would just take a break but it doesn’t. It just keeps going at full speed ahead.” Yes. Yes it does. And we’ve got to learn how to care for ourselves through it.

Life is a lot!

We have SO many things in todays age that we’re juggling and trying to maintain and keep alive. We need to be able to be “B” students in some areas of our lives… Otherwise we’re going to run ourselves dry!

Areas where I want to be able to be “good” not GREAT:

  • I want to be able to go for a run just because I feel like it, without setting up all these expectations around what a perfect “runner” would do – whatever that means
  • I want to be able to cook at home, and eat incredible dinners with my husband without having to cook everything from absolute scratch – sometimes the jar/box will do!
  • I want to be able to say that I work really hard, without feeling like I have to spend 80 hours a week in my office to say so – that’s not what I want

There are definitely areas of my life where I want to be GREAT and continue mastering a craft like: being a wife, being a great coach, and taking excellent care of myself… I even love being GREAT with money. But not all the time. Sometimes I’m just GOOD at these things.

And that’s okay! Sometimes GOOD is good enough. Sometimes showing up is the best you’ve got. And it’s better than not showing up at all. So, cut yourselves some slack, and give yourselves some credit. You do a lot. You do a good job.

Interpret this post how you must…

Where in your life are you holding back because you’re expecting perfection? You have a standard that you’re imagining has to be met before you move forward?

Where do you want to give yourself permission to just be GOOD? To just get started? To just go for it? To play the game, without being worried about winning? To do something just because?

Go. Get started. Do the thing. Let yourself off the hook from perfection. Let good be good enough, and hey… if you end up loving the things you try enough, then aim for great if you want to! But remember, it’s not the rule. You can do things without being THE BEST at them.

I hope some of you needed to hear this. If so, let me know! Leave a comment.

As 2017 is approaching, I’ve been thinking about GOALS and INTENTIONS. And I have it on my heart to share about setting goals and intentions that you actually want to in 2017. Goals that are different from the traditional “I’d like to lose 20 lbs this year.”

What do you actually want? What would feel good? What’s the deeper goal? What would having the surface goal ACTUALLY give you? What goals did you set in 2016 that felt great? What goals did you set that perhaps you didn’t actually want or care about?

I’ve created a blog series that is going to help you set goals that feel awesome in 2017. Goals that will feel good after the steam of “a new year” wears off (ahem, right around January 20th). Goals that excite you. Goals that you WANT. And will continue to want, all, year, long.

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Love, Paige

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