Gratitude Makes A Healthy Heart


Good afternoon everyone! I told you I would be back 🙂 I love coming to you guys today every time I feel like it. It feels good! And I love that everything has just happened! It’s all fresh on my mind and I constantly have things that I am wanting to share. I hope you all like to hear it 🙂

Anyways, for lunch, I went downstairs, cut up some apples, and began to saute them. In the middle of cooking, although it smelled delicious, I decide to eat something that Haley made instead. It looked so good! I’m saving the apples for tonight 🙂

IMG_1775.JPG IMG_1776.JPG

It was a salad with sprouts, organic spring mix, chick peas, red onion, zucchini, and quinoa. It was wonderful! She even had her own homemade dressing. As I sat down to eat, they took off out the door, so I didn’t get a chance to ask what was in the dressing but boy was it good! I think it had lemon, vinegar, and oil. I will have to find that one out!


I enjoyed it so much that I even got a little bit more 🙂


After lunch, I decided to listen to a lecture and make some fresh green juice to have sitting around for me the next couple of days.


I used spinach, apples, and celery from the farmers market.


My lecture was by Harville Hendrix, a famous marriage counselor. It was all about developing communication, I guess. I say I guess, because I was so incredibly inspired by this lecture that I think I took more than just communication out of it.

Hendrix talked about how stress is the most toxic thing that we can put into our bodies. What causes stress is a number of things, plus the big one: negativity. He said that negativity is the single worst thing you can do. Talking negative, thinking negative, being around someone negative, it’s all the same. It all influences the same part of our brain and releases cortisol.

That’s just a little bit about the lecture. I was sooo inspired by the “cure” to negativity, because I can 100% relate to it. You want to know what it is? Gratitude. Yep, that’s it! After the lecture, being the excited person that I am, I ran right upstairs and grabbed an agenda that I saved. Weird? I am. This agenda makes me happy, because there are a period of about 6-7 months in here that I consider to be the happiest months of my life.


I love looking over what I would do during those days, so I can’t throw it away! Along with getting out my agenda, I grabbed my journal, and I quickly skimmed the pages that had the same dates. I realized something similar about every single day. Gratitude!


Every journal entry started out with “Thank you God for…” I didn’t read how to do this anywhere, I just simply started doing this, and it became a habit and also something that I loved. I found that I didn’t enjoy writing about my problems in my journal. My favorite thing was to sit down with a cup of coffee, a candle lit, a dark room, and a blanket wrapped around me. I would wake up extra early and just start writing about all that I was grateful for. I would thank God for the amazing day he was going to give me, I would thank him for the small things that happened the day before, I would thank him that he loved me… I would go on and on… sometimes I’d get excited about a particular thing or person, and I would just write about being grateful for that.

The point is, be grateful! Be grateful for your life! If I could tell you one way to “get healthy” I would say be grateful over ALL else. Gratitude fills you with love. It enables you to show love to others. It helps you see that your life is a gift and not a chore. It’s the most beautiful thing there is and we should all fill our minds with what is good.

Please, comment below and tell me one thing that you are grateful for! Lets spread the love 🙂

Something I am grateful for today is that I belong to a beautiful school that is teaching me how important it is to love my life. I am grateful that my brain is able to process all of this information, and that I have the ability to be so excited about it. I am soo thankful that my fingers work well, and that I can share this with all of you. I am so thankful to have readers like you, who get excited about the same things that I do. I am thankful that you are reading this right now, and I will be even more grateful if this most makes you grateful!!! 🙂

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