Great Day!


Today was such a great day! I slept in this morning, which felt amazing. When I woke up, I made a yummy breakfast which was one piece of gluten free toast with cookie butter, Coffee with agave and almond milk, and non-fat plain greek yogurt with pepita seed trails mix, honey, and about a teaspoon of cookie butter. This was the perfect breakfast.


After breakfast, I met my cousin Megan at the gym. We did about an hour of Cardio, stretched, did some sit-ups… talked on the mats… the usual!


After the gym, we went out to lunch. I originally wanted to get Urbane Cafe, but because I had breakfast just a couple hours earlier I got this strawberry topper from Jamba Juice instead. This contains yogurt, peanut butter, strawberries, immunity boost, and is topped with banana & granola. YUM, I love these things!


After lunch I came home, threw on my suit and headed to the beach with Aubrey & Tyeson. It was such a beautiful day! I got a little color! Yay!


After the beach, we decided to go downtown and have a girls night. While we were waiting for a table, I got a raspberry lemon drop. My favorite!


When we got to our table the bread basket came. I ate several pieces but tried my best to savor them throughout the whole time we were there. SUCH good bread! I convinced Aubrey we had to bring home the leftovers. We both love the bread!


Here we are! 🙂


For dinner, we split Lobster Raviollis. The plate came with four big pieces of Raviolli, so we each had two. This was just enough. This plus the bread was just filling enough to save room for Fro-Yo that was planned later in the night.


OH hello! Here we are again!


Before going home for the night, we stopped and got Fro-Yo. I got plain tart with strawberries, kiwi, almonds, coconut, and a few pieces of Mochi (I love Mochi!)


When we got back to the house my Lula came over and we talked for a while and caught up, and then all watched house bunny. We had some wine, and then called it a night. I swear I have had the same bottle of wine for about 1 month… is that bad? I never finish my glass! It still tastes good, but I wonder if it’s bad to save it that long?

Anyway, I hope you all had a fabulous day! Time for me to get to bed! I have an early morning 🙂

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