Great Evening!

Good evening everyone!


After the gym this afternoon, I had the greatest dinner, which was a re-make of last nights amazing 5 minute Thai Dinner


Look at that avocado! Perfect…!


Tonights dinner had-

  • rice
  • vegetable green curry
  • chicken
  • green beans
  • avocado

IMG_7965.jpg IMG_7966.jpg IMG_7967.jpg

It was so great! The added chicken made it really tasty



Yep! I had some major spillage! Haha, AND I almost picked this up WITHOUT the glove the first time. Good thing my reflexes are fast! 😉


After dinner, I made myself a Chai and went and picked up my friend Lula


And guess what! Today, someone wrote me and told me they saw my sticker! Woohoo! That got me excited 🙂


When I picked up Ang (Angela, Lula, Buhff… etc. ;)) we went to Barnes & Nobles to pick up….


Yep! You got it! The Hunger Games! I decided to go ahead and get it! Girls, am I going to LOVE IT?!

Ang and I both got it! Paige & Angela’s Book Club! Who is joining? 😉


Next, we went grocery shopping. How come everyone wants to take me with them to Trader Joes? 😉


So sad, they are discontinuing these! Each box was only $.49 so we each bought two 🙂

I told Ang she’s going to get her own category on my blog called “Lula Creepin” because she has so many pictures on my blog like this! Haha




Now, I am back home watching The Help with my parents, and I am SERIOUSLY struggling writing this post! This movie is SO great, and even though I’ve already seen it, I can hardly turn my head for more than a few words! Haha


To finish this post, here is a little tip for y’all if you want something sweet & savory!

Popcorn toppings: honey & cinnamon + a little bit of butter popcorn seasoning- different than butter (just mix together in a big mixing bowl)

Love, Paige

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