Green Smoothie Recipe

Good morning all!

It’s 5:30 and I’m up with my coffee and almond milk. Somehow I didn’t feel right using my blender this early and adding in the coconut oil. Sleeping neighbors!



soyrizo breakfast tacos

Leftover soyrizo from the night before made into breakfast tacos. About 1 cup of soy rizo mixed with 4 eggs split between two people. I had this around 6:45.


quinoa bowl with sausage less sausage and kale

At about 11:30 I had lunch, which was more leftover quiona, kale, and sausage-less sausage + Dad’s salsa and leftover romaine, green onions, and cilantro from taco night.

dark chocolate after lunch

Topped it off with my last square of dark chocolate.

breaking free bible study revised

After lunch I worked a while longer and then took a break to pick up my Breaking Free book. So excited to dig into this study!


Before working again, I had a Larabar. This was around 1:15.

green smoothie recipe

At 4:00, I made myself a smoothie to carry me through until dinner.  This is not “Paige’s Favorite Green Smoothie” Recipe that you see all the time, that one is over here.

This Green Smoothie is: almond milk, dark chocolate almond milk (half cup/half cup), one banana, 2T of flaxseed, 1T of almond butter, 2C baby spinach. To make the smoothie thin out, add water.


lentil soup

Dinner was at 7:30, and I wasn’t that hungry because of my smoothie. So I made lentil soup (canned, from TJ’s). I put little slices of sourdough on Marco’s (and he also got nacho’s). Next time you make soup, try toasting a piece of bread a little more than you normal would. Coat it with Kerrygold butter and throw it right on top in little squares. It’s heavenly.


After dinner the Husband wanted to share popcorn with me while we watched Jess (New Girl). We shared about half together and then put the rest away. Dinner must’ve been good enough 🙂

This weekend, the Hubby and I are going to San Luis Obispo, CA again! I’m excited 🙂 We’ll be there Saturday through Monday. On Saturday, we’re going out with one of my readers and her Husband (hi Hannah!) and then Sunday, we are going to Calvary Church up there. I’ll be snapping photos through the weekend, so feel free to follow us on Instagram.

Mark your Calendars if you want to start a blog or are a new blogger. I’ve got a great post coming to you Monday!

Have you ever been to SLO? What’s your favorite part about it/thing to do?


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