Grilled Cheese Dilemma

Good morning everyone! It’s 5-something AM here, and I’m up and with kido’s.

Well, I’m up. Them, not quite time yet. I’m at the dining room table sippin’ my Coffee (Almond Milk + honey) and bloggin’ away.



Yesterday I woke up and made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Power Oatmeal. I topped it with a little bit of Maple Syrup. Her recipe calls for Sesame Seeds on top, but I didn’t have any. I imagine that would taste really yummy! This Oatmeal had Oats, Buckwheat, Flaxseed Meal, and almond milk + water. One pot made four servings, so I’ll be having more this week 🙂


Between Breakfast and Lunch I had Health Coaching Sessions which went great. I seriously love my Clients. I feel like I’ve made 10 new best friends. They’re all wonderful (Hi everyone – you’re all wonderful!)

photo 3

Yesterday while babysitting, I snacked on some Veggie Chips + Multigrain Crackers while I was feeding the little one snack – of course.

photo 4

I also snacked on an apple while we were outside.

Before the Gym, I had a Trail Mix Bar which is not pictured here. It was a by Clif. It was OK, I still like my Larabar’s best!

When I got off work at 5, I went home, changed, and headed straight to Step Class. I got a great workout last night!

photo 5

As you may have noticed through my blog (except for this weekend – haha) Marco and I have been trying to stay away from Dairy + Gluten for allergy reasons. Yesterday, I wanted nothing other than a good ol’ Urbane Cafe Grilled Cheese. Like, was craving it. So here is us sitting in the Trader Joe’s Parking lot, about to go shopping for everything healthful:

Marco – “Urbane sounds really good…”

Me – “Oh my gosh! Please! I was craving it sooo bad earlier but wasn’t going to say anything because you’re trying to be good!”

Marco – “If you say we can go, we can go.”

Me – “No, let’s just go to Trader Joe’s”

Marco – “Okkk, are you suuuure?”

Me – “No! Let’s do it. Let’s get it. Now! Drive!”

Haha, there was some sort of urgency of needing this grilled cheese. Like someone was going to take it from me and never let me have it again 😉

What really made my decision was knowing that I was either going to eat a Grilled Cheese, or a ton of random food in TJ’s that I didn’t actually want. So, I remembered that a craving is my body trying to balance itself, and I respected the craving. After my grilled cheese, I felt extremely satisfied and so happy that I treated myself. Physically, my belly felt a little bloated, but emotionally, my love tank was full (thanks Gary Chapman)

So much story to a friggin’ Grilled Cheese, right? I guess that’s why I’m a food blogger 😉

What’s your biggest craving this Summer?

Do you satisfy your cravings? Or deny them?


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