Grilled & Melty Lunch Sandwich Recipe

Good morning sweet-peas! I have a full day of Coaching ahead of me. Jam. Packed. I love it 🙂

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 Wednesday Eat’s

IMG_7312 Breakfast was eggs & toast super early in the morning. I was hungry around 6:00.

Is it okay that I’m posting a photo with a bite taken out of it? Ha! I had to show you guys the inside. This was so delicious and melty. Oh my goodness….!

All you need is two slices of Ezekiel, turkey, cheese, and condiments (whatever you’d like — I used a t. mayo & a t. aioli mustard). If you have a sandwich grill/press, use that. If not, use a pan. Grill the onions a bit first. Then, slice up some really, really yummy cheese. Put the condiments inside, then the cheese, then the hot onions on top, then the turkey, close up the sandwich, and grill for maybe 5 min. I rubbed the smallest bit of Kerrygold Butter on the outside to make it extra toasty. Grill & enjoy!

This was the most satisfying, melty lunch sandwich… and it’s so good on Ezekiel. It’s a “must-make.”

IMG_7315After breakfast I went to a Step class that totally kicked my butt. I was hungry when I got home, so I had an early lunch at 10:30. At 1:15 I was a little bit hungry for a snack so I had an apple.

IMG_7317Around 3:00 I made a green smoothie while working. I was hungry by this time from lunch and wanted something cool & refreshing. Mmm! Love this thing. I used chocolate protein inside this one. Such a yummy shift.

IMG_7319Dinner was big & kind of overwhelming looking, but super delicious. We had leftover polenta casserole with salad. I made my own dressing again, this time adding a tiny bit of apple cider vin and using a brown mustard instead. It’s so easy!

Enjoy this day! Oh, and the Big Announcement is likely coming tomorrow. If you’re interested in Coaching (or you’re OCD, or you love organizing, or you want to love organizing, or you just freaking love simple/beautiful… ah, I can’t say anymore!), get excited, fill out your form today (automatically holds a spot for you), and stay tuned for tomorrow. I’m just waiting for the mail man 🙂

Love, Paige

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Love, Paige

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