Growth Gremlin

A Growth Gremlin shows up when you start to live daily as your most desired self. Let’s learn today tactics to handle the discouragement of the Growth Gremlin.

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Are you fearful of failing?

What if falling down was reframed as a beautiful step towards learning how to be the woman you want to be?

A Growth Gremlin (AKA the Inner Critic) sees you trying and failing and growing and tries to discourage you from making any further progress.

Grow Gremlin thoughts are shame based. Fear based. Insecurity based.

Today I encourage you to counter these types of thoughts with TRUTH based thoughts.

I am strong.

I am brave.

I can do hard things.

Failing is not the end of the world.

Learning by trial and error is normal and okay.

Head to the podcast episode link in this blog post to hear me share more in depth on this topic of Growth Gremlins.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What does a Growth Gremlin do?
  • Is it wrong to have a Growth Gremlin?
  • Is it normal to have a Growth Gremlin?

Mentioned in this Episode:

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