Guess Where

Now, Tuesday + Wednesday Eats!


7:30 coffee + almond milk

Guess where smoothie

8:15 green protein smoothie

12:00 GYM ran 3.5 miles + abs

1:30 gluten-free sandwich with avo & tomato + carrots & humms

Guess where Crispy Cat

2:30 Crispy Cat bar. I saw this in the cupboard of a house I was babysitting at while I was grabbing snack for the little ones. I had to try it! Pretty good 🙂 I noticed that it’s made by the same company as another favorite bar, Nugo.

The above bar is just like any other chocolatey protein bar, but they call it “the organic candy car.” Sounds better, right? 🙂

Anyone like Nugo bars? What’s your favorite?

Guess where subway

5:00 subway veggie sandwich between jobs. 9-grain wheat bread fillllled with veggies, avo, and topped with mustard + vin & olive oil

I got honey mustard on the side but didn’t like it, so I left it off.

Guess where bar

7:00 shared this bar with little Chloe

After work, I went to my parents house, washed my car super good, started laundry, and then sat down to some Corn Burritos made by my amazing parents. Gah. Childhood favorite!

Guess where corn burritos

8:30 corn burritos without cheese. As a child, I would cover these babies in cheese. So hey, it’s a step up 😉

Guess where mango

9:45 while waiting for the last load of laundry to finish, I snacked on part of a mango


7:30 coffee + almond milk

Guess where smoothie 2

8:15 green protein smoothie

8:30 step class – suuuuch a good class! I was sweating like crazy in yesterday’s class!

Guess where salad

10:30 brown-rice toast + aioli mustard, avo, and pepper with a salad

Guess where avo toast Guess where dentist

After my really early lunch, I left for the Dentist and then headed to my next job. My dentist gives me such good goodie bags! He gave me 3 travel tooth pastes for my next vacation! I leave this Sunday! Wooooohooo!

Guess where watermelon

12:30 I shared some watermelon with the little ones I was watching

Guess where frozen yogurt

The girls and I spent about an hour at the Library, and afterward I took them to get a froyo treat!

3:00 finalllllly, after being in an only sweet froyo stage, I got tart with fruit and granola! I swear, I think Summer is the only time I want to make a healthy-version froyo! Haha

Do you every feel like tart + fruit? Or are you a flavor and candy girl?

After work, I went and got a Pedicure and my eye-brows waxed. I love treating myself! Most of us don’t do it enough!

Guess where dinner 2

6:00 I made myself and Marco dinner. Yuuum!!!

Tofu, cauliflower, black beans + avo plus a side salad with Urbane Cafe replica balsamic 😉 This dinner was so good! I want more today!

Guess where chips and salsa

At about 8/9:00p, we were hanging by the pool in our apartment complex. There were so many people there last night! It was so fun! And warm! I brought chips and my Dads homemade salsa to share 🙂

Okay, so that’s it for Tuesday and Wednesday! Today, I’ll picture my food and post tomorrow morning. This Sunday I get to leave again!


Guess where? It’s a little Island of the Coast.

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