Gym? Or Pizza?

Good evening! Hope you all had a great day! 🙂


Last night was my first night sleeping in my own bed at my new place. It was a success!


This morning I woke up and had Coffee with Aubs, and then went to my parents house to get some more things & eat breakfast


And drink Coffee of course! I hadn’t moved over any food yet, so I didn’t really have my favorites with me! I moved all my food today, so now I’ll get to eat at my place 🙂


Around noon-thirty, I had a snack of peanut butter pretzels and prunes. I was babysitting, and didn’t want to eat lunch until I put little Harper down, so I made this snack


We sat outside/played outside

6.jpg 7.jpg

Look at that view!


Bailey was super in-my-face today! I think she smelled Daisy on me!


When I put Harper down for her nap, I looked through this William Sonoma Catalog & ate lunch


Thankfully, there was food already prepared there that I was offered! It was so good! It was a super healthy quinoa casserole, broccoli, and sweet potato. So yummy!


When the girls woke up, I gave them a snack and had an apple and peanut butter myself


This peanut butter is really good! It has ground flaxseed in it. I’ve never had it before! Next buy for sure 🙂


Tonight, Aubrey and I were all ready for the gym, and decided we wanted to stay in and relax.


We have been go-go-go the past almost week, and need a night to just kick back!


We decided on pizza and 1 glass of wine. Super yummy, and super relaxing! This pizza from Trader Joes is really great! I had 2 pieces


Hope you all have a great night! We are chatting and watching CSI! Bed a little earlier tonight- we have a busy morning! 🙂

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