Happy Apartment News!

Good morning everyone!


I figured a good way to start this post would be showing off Noah’s adorable face. Gah!

IMG_7333Yesterday for breakfast I had leftovers (we ate breakfast late in the morning because I woke up busy with work for four straight hours). Plus, I was waiting for Marco to wake so I could eat with him 🙂 I had my leftover wet, chicken burrito from our Father’s Day with his side of the fam.

photo 4After “breakfast” we went to see our apartment. GOOD news! We’re getting the keys on the 27th! We don’t move in until the first, but he said he wants to give us the weekend to get settled. Wow! So nice 🙂 I’ll be at my Bachelorette Party on the 28th & 29th… but if you know me you know that I’ll be excited and moving packing on the 27th and I’ll be up super early the 28th moving/packing until I go celebrate.

Look at this view!

photo 3

And everything that was sooooo old/dirty before doesn’t look so old after it’s been cleaned up and painted! I can’t wait to show you all photos once I have it all decorated 🙂 Think simple, clean, and bright. Ah. 😀 So glad we went with this place!

Things they’re still working on before the 27th:

  • putting new windows in
  • new carpet
  • finishing up the paint
  • cleaning

Things they’ve already done for us:

  • ordered new windows
  • ripped out the old carpet
  • re-did the balcony
  • painted kitchen cabinets
  • painted all the the doors
  • took down 70’s wall mirrors
  • new light switches
  • new thermostat readers
  • new tile

:-D… so happy about all of this!

After viewing our Apartment we went for a nice walk at the beach.

IMG_7335When we got home I had a few slices of watermelon while making a late lunch.

fathers day mealWe had leftovers from Father’s Day dinner (my side). Tons of veggies, a small baked tater & garlic bread, and 1 small slice of steak with horseradish sauce… mmm… I love the spice!

homemade tostadaDinner was a homemade tostada. I worked super late last night, so it was nice to have Momma make dinner. So yummy!

For a petite treat I had two little scoops of gelato that I ate with a frozen square of chocolate. I should have taken a photo… it was so pretty… My camera was upstairs in my office and I really didn’t feel like getting it. Ha! Next time, next time 🙂

Alrighty y’all! I’ll be working all day and then traveling at night. I’m going on a little business trip. Be back tomorrow night. But on the blog in the morning 🙂 See you then!

Love, Paige

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