Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Good morning everyone! It’s bright and early here. I got up at 5:20 so I could do my blog, relax, and have some Coffee before we head out at 6:30 to meet my Uncle and parents for breakfast. My uncle flew in from Chicago toward the end of last week and I really want to see him before he leaves!



Yesterday morning started off with a Green Smoothie before Church

After Church, Marco and I ran a ton of errands to prep for his Grandma’s 72 Birthday!


I was making the guac and salad. You guys loved this photo on my instagram! Haha


I made the Guac!


And the Salad! Salad was so delicious, and so simple for a party!

  • 2 bags of Organic Romaine
  • 4 small red/yellow/orange bell peppers chopped up
  • 1 handful of mixed color cherrie tomatos
  • Cilantro dressing from Trader Joe’s


We also had watermelon


And a whole taco bar!


I don’t rememeber what kind of meat this was? But I had a small amount- it was delicious!


This picture is quite blurry, but it’s the only one that shows my whole plate.

Salad, meat, and watermelon.


I got another serving of salad when I finished my first serving, and had some more watermelon later in the evening after Marco and I cleaned up and jacuzzied again.


Look how yummy this looks!


Flowers from the backyard- so cute!


The family and I


Irene being camera shy afraid


Marco and the fam 🙂

I got to enjoy them for an entire week in Catalina this Summer, and we had such a blast. Yesterday, we went swimming in the house we are watching, and got to enjoy the backyard all day. Wednesday, some of us are going to breakfast at Pete’s, and then hopefully, Wednesday I will go with them out to Ojai to Celebrate Cheryl some more 🙂


For dessert, I enjoyed a small piece of Marco’s Grandmothers homemade apple-cinn tart. How could I not? I just left the crust, and ate the apples. It was delicious.

Okay everyone! I hope you have the most wonderful day! But before you go, tell me something fun you did this weekend! I want to hear 🙂


Love, Paige

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