Happy Birthday to my sweet Uncle Dave

So let’s play catch up since I was having a total lazy day outing yesterday 😉

I stayed in my PJ’s until like 5pm doing school work, napping, & enjoying the quiet!

Sunday breakfast: banana, gluten-free granola, almond butter

I got to enjoy it with this cutie

After breakfast, I made the other little one a smoothie, and she didn’t want strawberries in it, so I enjoyed this too. Banana, strawberries, and coconut milk. Jummy 🙂

When I got home, I snacked on a tangerine

Lunch: spelt bread w/ earth balance & avocado, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots + a little bit of earth balance, & Quinoa w/ sesame soy ginger dressing to flavor

This is the bread I used- love it!

Around 4 pm I went to Marco’s little cousins 13th Birthday- I didn’t take any pictures! I just sent him a text expressing my saditude (hehe, I’m gettin’ cheesy again). The party was soo much fun. Little Cade showed me all around his house (even his awesome fish fort), and Will enjoyed his Birthday with his friends and family. While I was there I had Sangria (yum!), salad w/ strawberries, spinach, & almonds, and watermelon.

After the party, Marco dropped me off at Bachelor Night with my cousins, aunties, and friends.

My cousins- we are always goofy. It never fails!

Snacks galore! I must have had an entire bowl of chips and salsa to myself (whoops!) That’s what happens when you try and stay away from certain things (meat & dairy)… you eat tons of what you can have- chips and salsa!

We were all THRILLED that Jef (with one “f”) won! They were the cutest couple I’ve seen yet. I have a feelin’ these two are going to last! What do you all think?

Okay, now for yesterday… I slept in until 10am, woke up, and had some canteloupe

My breakfast was in two parts. I had to really wake up until I decided I still wanted some cereal. Bran Flakes + Almond Milk it was!

For lunch, I had the best burrito ever (thinking about making another today!!)

Gluten free tortilla, brown rice, beans, daiya vegan cheese, spring mix, pico de gallo, avocado, and hot sauce. Oh heavens this was good! And SO filling!

After lunch I studied some more, and then slept another hour n’ a half. This is what happens to me on my days off- I just want to relax relax relax! I got pay back trying to sleep last night though… I think I was a little too rested!

When I woke up, I got ready and headed over to my uncles house with Marco. He was celebrating a Birthday!

Victoria & I

Mom & baby cousin Bella

One scoop of light Butter Pecan Ice Cream (oh my Gosh- yum!!!) and a little slice of banana cream pie (also yummy!!)

Decaf Coffee


Me & Marco (+ KK)

Auntie Rhonda & Uncle Bill

Uncle Denny & Holly (+ Clover in the Belly!!)

Uncle Dave (Happy Birthday!!!) & Auntie Margie

EJ & Holly (+ Clover)

Leila & I (she was an amazing photographer! She took almost all of these pics!)

Marco & I (photo credit Leila, hehe)

Is this not the best picture ever? Haha! I was laughing so hard… Marco’s like “Really?!”

Mom & Dad + Me & Marco = love all around 😉

Uncle Dave & Aunt Margie 🙂

Victoria & Margie 🙂

Bella & I

Jake, Leila, Joshua, Grant, & Victoria

Dad, Mom, baby Bella, Me, Jamie, & Marco

Bella Bee!

And late late at night for dinner (I still wasn’t hungry from that Burrito!) I had beans and hot sauce. Yep, I was still full (note, I had a scoop of ice cream and a little bit of pie) but I still had to eat. I am not used to ever skipping meals, and I felt deprived of a meal! Haha, so I made a little bowl of beans and hot sauce (secretly, it reminded me of Taco Bell’s beans and hot sauce which I also love)

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