Happy Valentines Day!

Good morning everyone! Happy Valentines Day!


I’m writing this post to you, sitting in front of my beautiful flowers from Marco. I am someone who loves flowers on VDAY, so this is such a treat!

Huge blessing – Marco got called off work tonight! So, now we get to spend it together. I’m so happy about that. Still not entirely sure what we’re doing yet, but I know it will be good 🙂



Chocolate Superfood Smoothie


Oh my gosh… Look at that face!


Lunch was a leftover burger after the Gym. Seriously. Even better the next day. GAH! These were the best homemade burgers!


Mid-day snack was an Organic green apple + almond butter


Dinner was soup + salad. My Dad made both chicken + potatoes, & soup, so I decided to make a salad with chicken and a couple pieces of potato to taste, and have a bowl of soup on the side. This way, I got it all + lot’s o’ greens 🙂


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Have a beautiful Valentines Day everyone!

Love, Paige

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