Have a Happier Labor Day Weekend in 3 Steps

Happy Labor Day weekend to my U.S. beauties!

I’m here to share 3 steps to a happier holiday weekend with you, because we ALL want to feel good this weekend! There’s so much to be celebrated and thankful for! So, let’s create room for this!

how to have a happier labor day weekend

Try this:

  1. REFLECT — What would a great weekend look like to you? Close your eyes, imagine it, notice the expression on your face, notice what you’re doing, notice where you are, the sounds…
  2. SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS — What needs to be set up or cleared out in order for your ideal weekend to come alive? What mindset do you need to have?
  3. FAST FORWARD — How will you feel once your ideal weekend is over? What is it about this ideal weekend that makes it so worth having? Why is this important to you?

Want to hear my idea of a wonderful weekend?

  1. A good Labor Day weekend would look like a sunny day, with country music on loud, BBQin’ outside with friends… It would look like laughter and fun conversation… Taking photos without a critical eye. Rather, thinking every picture was a beautiful one… because who’s really defining my beauty anyway? God defines my beauty, and I bet he sees every photo with pure delight. On Labor Day, I feel happy, thankful to be with friends, and I enjoy just enough food to taste it’s deliciousness and feel satisfied, and leave room for EVERY OTHER JOY that’s available to me.
  2. In order to have this kind of weekend, I would need to be self-compassionate, and trust that I’m fully loved. I would need to invite friends over, set up plans to BBQ (already did this), and ask for help at the BBQ. I would need to charge my speaker so we can listen to fun country music (haha, hey, we’re really thinking here, right?!). I would need to feel light-hearted, laugh, and notice what a blessing it is to have these great friends with me on Labor Day.
  3. Come Tuesday I will feel refreshed, happy, grateful, and fulfilled from having a weekend as I’ve just described. It is so worth it for me to let go, have fun, and allow myself to be filled with joy over the weekend because it’ll allow me to create great memories, and appreciate life a little more than I already do… I’ll feel HAPPY.

If you don’t have plans this weekend, that’s okay! What would allow you to enjoy the weekend anyway? What are you in the mood for?

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