Have Your Sandwich & Feel Good Too!

Good-morning girls 🙂

I so often hear girls (friends, family, clients, etc) say: “but I shouldn’t have a sandwich… aren’t sandwiches bad for you?”

I get it. I do.

We’re all programmed to think “carbs = bad” and “eating a salad = good.” But, what if we tried to challenge that thought? What if we throw that out the window, and focus on having a sandwich and feeling good too!

How could we do that?

I think we could do pretty darn good with this if we just treat our bodies with respect by buying good, quality ingredients and using a sammy (can we call it this for now?) as an opportunity to get some nourishing colorful foods into our beautiful bodies.

Today I’m going to share three sandwich combo’s with you girls to try – and  you’ll feel good too!

Tuna Sandwich + Green Salad

Tuna Sandwich

Alpine multi-grain bread (or Ezekiel!), tuna, & a crazy simple salad with romaine + balsamic olive oil.

Tuna Recipe

  • In the tuna (serves 2-3): 2 cans tuna in water (drained), 2 tbsp. mayo (I can’t pretend like anything else is better), 1 stock celery, 1 shallot
  • In the food processor, chop the celery and shallot
  • Mix the chopped veggies in a bowl with your tuna & mayo
  • Smoosh 🙂 together with a fork
  • Top a slightly toasted piece of bread with your tuna & pair with a green salad – ENJOY!

Note: this one tastes great open faced – I had two open facers after the gym for this meal + my salad – my belly was feeling complete.

Turkey Sandwich + Celery & Hummus

Turkey Sandwich

Alpine multi-grain bread (or Ezekiel!), mayo & mustard, sliced turkey, onion, tomato, slice of havarti cheese, sprouts & chopped mint (so fresh!) with celery and original hummus on the side.

Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Nothing fancy to do with this one. Just pile everything between your slices 🙂

Chicken Sandwich +  Green Salad

Different Sandwich Ideas

Now this one on the other hand… she’s a little bit more fancy! We’re going to make a yummy (and simple!) greens mix to pile in between the bread.

Sandwich Topping Recipe

Yummy (and simple!) greens mix: small handful of Power to the Greens (or any lettuce mix), pinch of sprouts, a tsp. of capers, a pinch of sea-salt, and a drizzle or two of olive oil. Mix together!

Sprouts on Sandwich

Then, lightly toast your bread. When she’s done toasting, add a little mayo & mustard, two slices of chicken deli meat, a slice of havarti, onion, tomato, avo, and then add your lettuce mix. Pile together, close her up, and press.

I paired this sammy with a side salad: power to the greens lettuce mix (TJ’s), a tsp. of capers, and homemade balsamic (olive oil, dijon mustard, shallot, sea-salt, and balsamic).

I hope you all enjoy!

Which one will you try?

P.S. even if these look a little ‘fancier,’ they truly do not take much time & they leaving you feeling so good and craving MORE greens. The more nourishing (& satisfying) foods you eat, the less low-quality-food cravings you’ll be left with – and how freeing does this feel? Just add these simple ingredients to your next grocery list & get to the kitchen 🙂

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xo, your coach


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