He Surprises Me with Talenti ♡

Good afternoon everyone 🙂


Yesterday started off with eggs & toast. But guess what! Today, I had eggs/cheese rolled in corn tortillas with salsa. I changed it up!


For lunch, I had 1/3 of a Corrales burrito that was leftover from my parents. If you’ve ever had Corrales before, you’re probably feeling jealous right about now.


Mid-day (3:00) I got hungry again, so I had a few fresh mango slices and a bean tostada.



Dinner was super random. I had a craving for cereal with cow’s milk & banana. So, that’s what I had. It was soo cold and good.


After “dinner” I worked for another hour, and in that hour my sweet Marco washed my car &….


Picked me up a fresh new pint of Talenti! He must have been listening the other night when I told my Mom Pistachio was my favorite 🙂


Look! Tiny clouds! This means for a bit more cooling weather. I’m so excited for it to be 75 tomorrow and not 105.


Dessert was of course a scoop of pistachio, and home-popped popcorn. Shared this with the family while watching friends. Popcorn is my one and only “TV Food.” Hehe.


I hope you all enjoy your WEEKEND! Video is coming at ya soon! Make sure you’re on the email list. I’ll be showing up there by 3:00p PT.

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