Heading to My Hometown!

Good morning all! Christmas is almost here šŸ™‚

I am so excited to head to Ventura tomorrow and see family. Ah, I can’t wait!

Tomorrow I haveĀ a blog post going liveĀ with some great HHS throwback articles forĀ you to love!Ā If you want some Holiday reading & inspiration, you’ll have it all in one place!

Let’s jump into yesterday’s daily eats.

eggs and toast

Breakfast was two eggs and two small pieces of sourdough…

siggis strawberry yogurt

…and a siggi’s yogurt. I was extra hungry yesterday morning.Ā 

After breakfast, I went to theĀ gym and someĀ walking on the treadmill + legs.

packing for a trip

When I came home I packed my outfits for Ventura. This was fun šŸ™‚ I tried everything on and put it all together.

Who else likes to pack thisĀ way?

This also helps me not to overpack – I have a specific outfit for each day.

harvest grains and chicken masala

For lunch, I mixed Harvest Grains with CrockPot Chicken Masala (recipe here).

chocolate chip clif bar

An afternoon snack was a chocolate chip cliff bar.

Grateful Heart

I worked 10-6 yesterday, like most days. Before I got off work, I shared this graphic with my Healthy Hits Coaching girls (my clients) to let them know how grateful I am for each of them. My one-on-ones are my absolute favorite part of being a Health Coach.

eating leftovers before vacation

Dinner was a caesar side salad (with two chips crushed up in place of croutons) and Wild Rice & Chicken Soup (CrockPot recipe here). This recipe froze great! I let it thaw in the fridge all day and we reheated it on the stove for dinner (added more milk).

Okay, so tomorrow.

I’m going to work on another post right now that will be up tomorrow morning. Feel free to check it at any point during your Holiday’s if you’d like some fun/inspiringĀ reading šŸ™‚ I’ll pick articles that are good for Intuitive Eating, ending calorie counting, and positive body image. Great things to read before the New Year, right?

Top five mindset shifts to become an intuitive eater

Do you wonder what mindset shifts you need to make to start eating intuitively? Or maybe you’ve already started, but you’re feeling stuck. You need our free handout:Ā “The 5 MOST Important Mindset Shifts to BecomingĀ An Intuitive Eater” (sign-up here). It’s so good!

Have a WONDERFUL Holiday girls! I’ll be back to regular posting on Monday, Dec 29. Until then, see tomorrows post with tons of my popular articles & head over to instagram @healthyhitsthespot to stay connected.

xo, your coach


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