My Client Shares Her Goals in Working Together

As much as I share about my coaching services on my website, as often as I talk about coaching, and as much as my client testimonials show what clients have gained in their work with me, I’ve always wanted a deeper way to share with you what coaching looks like behind the scenes!

All of my clients fill out six-month goal sheets when they start working with me so we can focus on tracking progress and staying on top of where they’d like to be throughout our time together.

I was so excited when a client recently sent over her goals and I got the idea to share them with you!

I immediately asked this client if I could share her goals anonymously since what she is working on is the epitome of what most of my clients are working on! She agreed proptly and to my excitement, was just as enthused as I was (God bless her – haha).

Ultimately, my clients want to minimize stress in their lives (or learn how to handle it better), learn to listen to their bodies needs – especially around food, and become overall happier (fulfilled, peaceful, and joyful).

The truth is, life isn’t easy. Surprise! And going through coaching won’t magically make life easy (ah, don’t we all wish there was a magic button for that!) however, coaching IS a safe, productive, and effective place to work through how to better manage your life, your desires, and getting more of what you want.

Hear it from another one of my clients, Kendra, who just finished up six-months of coaching:

“Being able to wake up in the morning without the cascade of dread and self-loathing has been beyond price. Paige will help you challenge even your most destructive and dark beliefs regarding food and your body, and she will help you see the senselessness of their waste.

The bandwidth that has opened up in my brain after offloading these beliefs has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life. I can think clearer and better than I can ever remember.

And for those afraid that letting go of dieting will land you in an unhealthy and disgusting body? It turns out my body can be trusted! It turns out the signals it gives me, when honored, keeps me at a great weight. And it also likes a brisk walk and bike ride daily! Who knew?

Paige is worth it. She can’t and won’t solve all your problems, but she’ll shine a light in that cockroach den that will help you unbury your potential and get you unstuck. Direction, self-compassion and peace around food (and subsequently in all areas of your life) will begin to surface.”

My clients are able to find more self compassion, joy, and peace in their lives through our work. The ones who get the most out of their coaching experience are the ones who put the most into it. Putting “the most” into it means doing the self-reflection, being vulnerable/open, and celebrating their successes along the way.

When this client sent over her goals, I knew I wanted to share them with all of you. I wanted to share them so that you could get a taste of what is possible for you, and for those of you who are really interested in coaching, but aren’t QUITE sure what you’d work on. Here’s a GREAT example!

One-month goals:

  1. Minimize the extra, unneeded “things” in my home/environment. Get rid of clutter
    that doesn’t make me feel happy.
  2. Practice listening to my bodies needs, especially food related, allowing myself to eat what will most effectively fulfill those needs. Ex. If I’m craving something chocolate, I want to be able to allow myself to eat a portion of chocolate (instead of pushing the craving aside) without regret! If I really want something super filling, get that veggie burger, enjoy every bite, and feel comfortable stopping when full.
  3. Explore different recipes. Set aside time to cook new recipes (maybe with fiance, that’d be fun!) and have meals together.)

Three-month goals:

  1. Establish an easy, stress free morning routine, that includes enough time for breakfast, meditation, and maybe stretching…whatever feels relaxing and not rushed.
  2. Exercise is part of daily life and is fun and varied and done with the mindset of honoring my body and exploring its capabilities. I want to try new and different types of activities, and also spend time walking around outside everyday, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  3. When I think about food, it is a source of energy for me, and the negative stigma surrounding certain types of food is significantly reduced and can be overcome with realistic self talk.

Six-month goals:

  1. I am happy with myself, my capabilities, my body — negative self talk is significantly reduced, if not non existant because I am able to overcome those thoughts with confident and mindful, loving statements. I want to look in the mirror and smile with love.
  2. I am listening to my bodies needs completely and nourishing myself with the foods that fill me with energy and positive experiences. I’m starting my day with breakfast and consuming enough food throughout the day to provide myself with plenty of energy and leaving me completely satisfied by the time I go to bed.
  3. I am living in the moment, completely engaged with the present. I want to spend less time on social media and more time thinking creatively, drawing, exploring, cooking, doing DIY projects, and laughing with my fiance. There are so many possibilities! Build up to having a couple days a month where I am completely disconnected (no phones or computers)!

Here’s what the client goals sheet actually looks like!

As well as filling in their “Goals” worksheets, my clients also fill in a Circle of Life. The Circle of Life and the Goals worksheet were both introduced and given to me by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I went to school (more about how I became a Health Coach here).

On this worksheet, each client shares with me how satisfied she feels in each area of her life. This client, for example, feels the MOST satisfied in the areas of joy, education, relationships, and career. And, she’d really like to improve her spirituality, finances, social life, home environment, and all around health.

As you can see, what is feeling MOST important to her right now is spirituality (she even wrote some extra notes here to let me know), and giving herself more time for prayer and mediation. She has a strong desire to commit more time to this area of her life, which shows she’s ready to dive in and do deeper work to get the growth she wants here.

Together, we’ll talk through what feels good for her. She’ll share with me what her spiritual life currently looks like, and we’ll clear the path to make room for this goal of more mediation and prayer. This will allow her to start doing what she’s been wanting to do for a while! We’ll be able to put action to it, and see what’s been holding her back.

She would also like to spend more time budgeting and financial planning, so we’ll do the same thing (I’m super excited to talk about this, because I love budgeting!). We’ll talk through what things are currently like, and how she’d like to improve. I’ll support her as she does this.

Finally, she would like to spend more time (notice a theme with her *time* and how she wants to change how she’s currently spending it?) doing right for her body, and honoring her body with food and physically activity that feel good. We’ll learn what kinds of food/physical activity feel good and nourish her on a soul and mental level. She want’s to feel more happy and satisfied!

Throughout our six-months together, these are the things we’ll get to work on along with whatever else comes up along the way (so much more will come up!). This clients very first step was scheduling a consultation, which is where we initially talk about how things are going and where she’d like to improve. We get clear on her hopes for the future!

For those who are interested in working with me one on one just like this client, here’s more about what coaching entails!

As a client of my health coaching program, you will…

  • set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • work to achieve and effortlessly maintain your natural weight
  • understand and reduce your cravings for foods that don’t serve you
  • naturally increase your energy levels
  • feel confident, beautiful, and joyful in your body
  • learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them into your life
  • improve and deepen your personal relationships and the relationship you have with yourself
  • discover the confidence to create the life of your dreams
  • practice treating yourself with kindness and love as you develop a personal self-care practice

My promise to you…

  • I will show up for you and be there every step of the way
  • I will listen to you, and create space for what matters to you most
  • we will have deep and meaningful conversations, and fun and light-hearted ones too. I’ll push you when you need it, and take it a little slower when you need that too
  • more than anything, I’ll remind you of what you’re capable of even when you can’t see it yourself
  • I believe you are the expert of your own body, however, I also understand that years of dieting &/or outside food rules can cloud knowing *how* to listen to your body. Therefore, I am committing to helping you reconnect with the signals your body is sending you
  • I will support you to discover new perspectives that allow you to break through barriers and move forward
  • all I ask is that you give this process 100% by showing up, remaining open, preparing for each session, and committing to the work we do together
  • over our six-months together, we can make incredible things happen in your health and personal life – all you have to do is continuously commit & show up 

Your six-month Total Transformation Program includes…

  • a complimentary 60-minute consultation
  • two 50-minute phone sessions per month (12 total)
  • unlimited email and text support
  • a personalized welcome gift in the mail
  • lifetime access to the Healthy Hits Coaching FB group
  • my personal commitment to your health and happiness
  • BONUS – free/lifetime access to my three online courses: Authentically You, Finally Free, and the 28-Day Pleasure Plan ($1041.00 in free gifts)

Interested in the six-month Program? Get all the info you need by filling in this form here > (you’ll get an email with a link to book a consultation as well).

Last but not least, my clients have a few things in common (see below).

My clients…

  • are open
  • are vulnerable
  • trust me
  • value our time together
  • are empowered
  • believe they’re capable of change
  • are self aware
  • are reflective
  • don’t want to stay stuck
  • want their life to be good
  • communicate their needs well
  • want to find grace for themselves & others
  • are excited for coaching; they see it as a journey of becoming who they want to become
  • have an awareness around who I am as a coach & my philosophy
  • trust our conversations are a safe space
  • are curious
  • do work behind the scenes
  • know they’ll have to make choices
  • know they’ll have to make changes to get different results
  • prepare for sessions by continually considering what they want before each one

I know it’s hard to fully grasp what you’ll get out of coaching, so read these women’s stories who have already worked with me – you’ll probably have more in common than you think! 

I hope this was a helpful and inspiring post in sharing an example of what one of my clients is working on in our time together. Everyone’s specific goals look different, and that’s the beauty of coaching – it gets to be personal just FOR YOU. Are you interested? Fill in your information here:

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