Health Without Obsession

Health Without Obsession

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all having a great week! Today I want to talk to you about health without obsession.

In the intuitive eating world, we don’t talk much about health. At least not as much as we talk about permission.

Over the last 3-4 years, I’ve wanted to explore this idea more with you about “health without obsession” but haven’t quite been able to find the words. Today, I’m trying to do that.

My Journey to Health Without Obsession

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk about my own story with restriction and dieting. For years I thought that if I simply lost weight, it would make me happier, fulfilled, liked, and accepted. Instead, I felt trapped, obsessive, and chaotic. I was constantly trying to control my body, and I based my worth, my value and my success in my body. I was obsessed for about six years, until I developed my relationship with God and learned about intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating taught me that I could eat all the foods, not restrict, and feel good. Intuitive eating brought me freedom, and I finally gave myself permission to fully let go of all of the obsession I had around dieting and to eat exactly what I wanted, at anytime. I can incorporate goals that feel fun to me (like running a half marathon), but still have the mental space to focus on the things in life that are most important to me (marriage, being a mom to Selah, running a business, etc.). My relationships are fuller, and I can be fully present as a mom to Selah (and Abby!).

Why Do I Want to Incorporate Health Without Obsession?

First of all, when I talk about inviting a health focus into intuitive eating, I’m talking about just one piece of your life. I’m not talking about making your whole life about health, like perhaps how it used to feel when you would diet. Everything would revolve around your diet. Instead, a non-obsessed health goal should feel like it adds value to your life; it shouldn’t consume your life. I want you to feel good around your decisions with health, money, your career, whatever it may be that you want to achieve. You can make an exercise goal without becoming obsessed with that goal. You can use it to show yourself what you are capable of, not a box you need to check off each day.

Secondly, I want to allow more space for women who no longer want to diet, but also feel this desire to focus on their health with intention. You want to feel energized, you want to feel good about your decisions, but not in a way that is obsessive. I want this to be a safe place to set health goals, discover what makes you feel good, but let it be something that is calming and fluid. Goals that feel fun.

Accountability and support is so helpful while you create these goals without becoming obsessive, which is why I want to create that safe space for you to focus on your goals and feel great along the way. I want to merge the healthy living and intuitive eating worlds, and help you achieve your goals and feel great about yourself.

I would love for you to send me a direct message on Instagram or send me an email and let me know if this is a path you would like me to continue moving toward. If this resonated with you in any way, I want to know so that I can create more content and direction around this topic.

Finally, EXCESS is a reason we hold ourselves back from achieving that health without obsession. Mental excess, physical excess, emotional excess, just excess of life – it’s weight that holds us back. This extra weight usually leaves us feeling tired and unmotivated. This reason is so prevalent that I decided to run a whole workshop on it! In the workshop, I’ll talk about what excess we are carrying with us, how it is holding us back, and exactly how we can get rid of it. If you are curious about this, please come sign-up to join me in the workshop! I want you to be able to offload this excess and learn how to step out of overconsumption in all areas of life so you can truly step into the person you want to become.

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