Health Without Obsession

Health without obsession is available to you. You deserve to feel healthy in your body. NO ONE can take away from you how you would like to feel in your body. NO ONE can tell you that is wrong.

Writing to you from my old home in San Luis Obispo. Well, not my actual home. But basically. I’m sitting at Ascendo coffee which is where I spent at least one-third of my time while I lived here. Currently sitting with my friend Asia, co-working. 

Have you ever had one of those trips where you do a lot of thinking? This has been one of those trips. On our seven hour drive to SLO, while Marco slept (he worked the night before), I loaded my brain with podcasts and learning and thinking. 

I’m in a “sponge” season of my life where I feel open. I want to learn. Gain new perspectives. I feel creative. I feel new things coming on. I want to soak it all in. 

Which leads to this post… to me wanting to more deeply explore a topic that’s been on my heart for at least a year now. That is… 

Health Without Obsession. 

I feel that God gave me this little nugget-phrase about a year ago, during a client consultation. Ever since I heard it, it’s been on my mind every single day. A client who said “what I really want is health without obsession” and I thought to myself “exactly.” 

Since thinking about this concept more, I’ve been getting DM’s, voicemails, emails, text-messages — you name it — from women who feel that they’re not being spoken to and are wondering if it’s possible to eat intuitively andfeel healthy in their bodies.

You guys, if you’ve read my story you know this is why I started what I do.

Excerpt from my own story:

“My mission in starting this blog was this: If I could help just ONE girl recognize that she didn’t need to diet and restrict to be healthy, all of the hours put into blogging would be worth it.”

My Story

If I could help even ONE woman know that she could be HEALTHY (what many of us want) WITHOUT dieting and restricting (obsession)… it would all be worth it. 

Because when a woman WANTS to be healthy but doesn’t have a safe space to focus on doing so OUTSIDE of dieting. Guess what she goes back to? DIETING. 

I want to provide a safe space for women who want to be/feel healthy and DO NOT want to diet or restrict. 

They want to have the mental capacity to…

  • Say YES to a trip to Mexico with their family
  • Say YES to a night out for ice cream and if they want some, to enjoy it. If not, be able to calmly say “NO” without feeling weird — to feel normal
  • To go out to dinner with friends and be able to enjoy their company — to not talk about what/why they’re eating what they are (ex: swapping “we’re so bad for eating pizza” to “this is so much freaking fun — having a beer and pizza with friends” and feeling good in their bodies when they’re done eating.)

By the way, that last bullet point was me last night. I went to pizza with friends. It was a “pizza and beer night.” I didn’t want beer, so I opted for water. I know pizza doesn’t satisfy me by itself so I got a delicious salad to start and had two GREAT slices of pizza. 

My friend said out-loud “this is so much fun, having pizza and beer with friends.” 

I couldn’t help but think that I would have changed that entire experience, for everyone, had I been in the space I used to be. Where I thought health MEANT restriction and feeling guilty or “bad” when you eat things like pizza. 

I would have instead shifted the conversation to “we’ll be better tomorrow” or “we’re so bad.” I also would have not ordered a salad (which I wanted), I would have gotten a couple of beers (even though I didn’t want one) and I would have eaten that pizza until I was stuffed (because when else was I going to get pizza?).

Listening to your body is like a magical little secret that I want everyone to know is available to them, with proper training (we have to re-learn this skill that we were born with, but that got stifled out along the way). 

The women I want to help feel, and I quote, “uncomfortable and unhealthy” and they want to feel, and I quote, “healthy and comfortable.”

They know intuitive eating is the way they want to go. They also know that they’re totally done with diets. But they’re ready to feel healthy. They wonder, “Can this be done?” 

My answer every single time is a deep and passionate YES. Yes, you deserve to feel healthy in your body. NO ONE can take away from you how you would like to feel in your body. NO ONE can tell you that is wrong. 

It is NOT WRONG to want to feel well. 

All of this said… I want you to know that I am a safe space for you to discuss wanting to feel healthy, for you wanting to feel well, and to get to do so all while not dieting. While not restricting yourselves… but rather, truly finding out what serves you and what doesn’t.

I work heavily with my clients on the mental aspect of their health because I recognize with them that there are things/stories they are telling themselves and things they are making themselves do that are NOT currently serving them. 

So, we look at what their thoughts/beliefs are PRODUCING. We look at the results of what they’re thinking/doing and then we check-in and ask, “Are these the results that you want?”

If the answer is no, then we talk about what they DO what and we look at the thinking that would create THAT result. 

I think one of the issues that people experience with intuitive eating is that they forget it’s a multiple step process. That “unconditional permission to eat” is just the first step (not the ONLY step). 

Many people see all of intuitive eating as one big on-going unconditional permission to eat phase without any other structure/check-ins. Where as really, there are so many more phases/steps/areas to explore. 

Other areas that I explore with my clients: mindset; finding what feels good; self-compassion; setting yourself up for success; planning/intention WITH grace… etc… 

I help women to acknowledge where they are now… to share where they’d like to be… and then they work with me to move toward this place. That’s it. 

So… if you’re willing… share with me (I really, really want to hear)… if you were to imagine “health without obsession” in your own life…  what would that look like for you?

Send me an email (please and thank you!) at answering this:

“When I picture a life which embodies ‘health without obsession,’ for me, it looks like……..”

If you’re willing to be AWESOME and give me this feedback (seriously, I appreciate the feedback!) I will be forever grateful and would love to chat with you via email. Send your email, finishing that above sentence, to

Can’t wait to talk with more of you via email on this!

Love, Paige

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