Healthy Breakfast Burrito

I hate to go from Engagement to Burrito but, that’s just how this blog works, I guess!

Breakfast Burrito

How to Build Burritos

So, who has a Costco nearby them? Well, my Mom and I found these “low-carb” tortillas there and decided to give them a shot. At first, “low-carb” freaked me out, but then when I saw they had lots of fiber, I thought “why not?”

They do taste different than a normal tortilla, but my Mom and I still really enjoy them. Plus, with all the fiber they have, they hold me over for a long time!

How to Build a Burrito

Yesterday I tried a Breakfast Burrito with Egg Whites, a few spinach leaves, and 1 tbsp. of Bacon Bits.

I know, I cringe at Bacon Bits too. But it’s all we had, and it worked out to be very tasty! I topped it with my Dads homemade salsa, and it made for a good and lasting little breakfast.

How to Build a Burrito

I’m not sure what I enjoy more, these burritos, or my little corn tortilla roll-ups? I love those too… I think I’ll have to do a taste test! 😉

Question: what is your favorite breakfast that lasts you through the morning?

Love, Paige

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