Healthy Granola That You Don’t Have to Make Yourself (& Makes A Better Cereal Than Honey Bunches)!

Good-morning girls!

It’s Wednesday, you’re halfway through your workweek, and I’ve got a pick-me-up to share with you.

golden girl granola 3

Last week, I received a special package from Golden Girl Granola. They sent me free ‘nola, without even asking if I’d review. Of course, I can’t NOT review this because you girls need to know about it.

golden girl granola 2

Now, I’m all-about mostly-about homemade food… but sometimes… I just don’t want to use my time cooking every-single-thing from scratch. So when I find great, already made go-to’s, I’m happy!

I’ve been eating this granola for breakfast, dessert, &/or just a hold-me-over until dinner on a long workday (I like doing this with my Green Smoothie, too!). It always leaves me feeling satisfied, & I don’t need much! My favorite way to have it is in a coffee mug half-full with whole milk… Yum!

I asked to try 4-flavors.

golden girl granola 8

If you like blueberries & a little bit of “chew” to your ‘nola. YES.

golden girl granola 7

If you like it sweet (without all the added sugar). YES!

I love making a smoothie in a mug (2 bananas, 1 cup blueberries, 2-3 cups spinach, 3/4 cup plain greek yogurt, about 1/2 cup NON-GMO soy milk, + 2 T. flaxseed – serves 2!) & sprinkling this honey nola right on top! SO good!

smoothie in a bowl

Tip when using less liquid – first blend the banana, spinach, and soy milk. Then add in the frozen blueberries. Then the yogurt. Then the flaxseed 🙂

golden girl granola 9

If you like a much better version of Honey Bunches of Oats. YES! (YES! YES! YES!)

golden girl granola 6

If you like it simple (and like Almond Joy – that’s what this reminded me of…!). YES! Add a few dark chocolate chips :).

Not a single one let me down. The Maple is my favorite, and I will definitely be a regular customer!

Now, to get one of you started, I asked if I could hold a Giveaway, and they said YES!

The winner will get not one… but FOUR full bags of granola! Girls, this is amazing!!

*Take the time to do this loop! It will be worth it!*

So, in order for me to let you win, you’ve got to do a little loop around:  

  1. ‘LIKE’ Golden Girl Granola on Facebook & ‘Follow‘ then on Twitter
  2. ‘LIKE’ Healthy Hits the Spot on Facebook & ‘Follow‘ me on Twitter
  3. Sign-up for the Healthy Hits the Spot Newsletter
  4. Comment below & let me know you completed all three 🙂 (Note, if you do not have either a twitter or FB, I still want you to enter! Complete what you can, and let me know in the comments what you were able to do – just be honest, please). 

That’s it! Once your loop is done, you’re automatically entered & I’ll be announcing the winner in *Friday’s Newsletter* (so make sure you check-it!). 

If you want to buy the ‘nola &/or see the other flavors you can do that here.

Enjoy today! And good-luck with the Giveaway!

xo, your Coach


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