Hello from Ventura!

Hello everyone! We’re still on our trip to Ventura. I figured I’d stop by with some photos of our trip so far. They’re mostly of Noah 😉

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 1 of 14

Before we left Friday I had an early morning planning session with Sim, my other half of Finally Free. Enrollment is right around the corner! Amazing things are happening for Finally Free. We’re so excited about this program and the movement it’s creating.

Next Sunday Girl Talk 3.0 is coming out. These Girl Talk calls have been SUCH a hit. This time, our goal is to prove to you that dieting is NOT helping you, and to show you what to do instead. You’ll walk away from this call feeling safe to set dieting aside. Sign up with us! We’re sending the talk out this Sunday (and it’s FREE!) –> www.finallyfreegirltalk.com

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After our planning session I went and got my hair done! I went to Tigerlily Salon and Lindsay did my hair. I’m loving it! I feel more like myself with layers back around my face. Ah, so fresh!

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 2 of 14

I got a little dressed up afterward for Marco’s grandma’s retirement party that we went to Friday night on the beach in Ventura. Our first stop getting home! I took an outfit photo because you all requested more outfit pics on my Instagram @healthyhitsthespot.

I think my wardrobe can be summed up to: simple & striped for the most part 🙂

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 4 of 14

Before we left town, I had a couple more hours set aside to meet my new sweet friend (in SLO) for coffee at Scout. I got a soy vanilla latte, and we hungout for a couple of hours to co-work. We both work from home and are going to do this more often.

It was really fun! I finished everything I had to get done AND we had a solid 45-60 minutes to chat and have such good convo. I love getting to know people more in one on one setting… Ah, my favorite!

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 5 of 14

Okay, so here’s the first picture you’re all getting of little Noah! He was soo happy to see us on Friday when we got in. This is a photo of him Saturday morning cuddling in bed. More picture overload of Noah below, because he’s too cute not to post.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 6 of 14

Other happenings in Ventura have included the beach, Church at Mission, amazing food — this Subway craving and…

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 7 of 14

This insanely delicious chickpea salad that my Dad made… He told me how to make it, so you should all expect a recipe soon. I hope to make it next week! Super fresh and light… In love…

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 8 of 14

Also, I have to leave a note on this deodorant that Simi did a post on just last week. I bought it, and it works GREAT! Highly recommend this Primal Pit Paste so far! I bought mine on Amazon. I also bought this book: Self Compassion. I’ve seen it recommended several times and wanted to get my hands on it. I had these things shipped to my parents house so I’d get them while in Ventura 🙂 Fun little surprise!

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 9 of 14

Okay, and now the Noah overload! (But really, you can never overload with Noah). I took him for a hike yesterday and couldn’t help but take pictures of the little guy. He got a haircut!

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 10 of 14

We hiked the botanical gardens in Ventura. So beautiful, and it was so nice out on Sunday!

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 11 of 14

He stopped for a rest whenever he needed. So intuitive of you little guy 😉

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 12 of 14

He led the way.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 13 of 14

Restin! In need of water…

He was so cute… when he got back in the car he crawled under the passengers seat for shade and bottom A/C. Smart little buddy…

Healthy Hits the Spot | Updates from Ventura - 14 of 14

Last night M and I ended the weekend with Corona’s at the Crown Plaza on the beach. We like the  bar there because this great fire pit outside where you can look over at the ocean. We had ourselves a fun little outing after getting dinner with Marco’s grandparents (we got Indian food and it was so yummy!) and took an Uber back home.

Today will be a great day, because I’m headed to LA to watch my niece Sofia with my Mom. Total girls day! In between, I even get to have coffee with a sweet client of mine who I haven’t met in person yet (like most of my one on one girls!).

Alright. So, don’t forget, before you go get signed up for Girl Talk 3.0. It’s going to be great! If you really want to send the love share the link on social media inviting your girl friends.




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