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As I look back on my life, I’m so deeply thankful that my relationship to food was healed six-years ago and because of this healing I am able to show up to my life more fully every day; I am not distracted by my calorie counting app., over-exercising, and being completely obsessed over what my body looks like (always with a critical eye).

I want this for you.  

I want you to be able to go through a challenging season (we all go through them) in life, not having to think about dieting, losing weight, or out of control binge eating. I want you to be able to confidently show up to challenges that come your way fully engaged and ready to press on. I want you to have peace amidst any storm.

I want you to be able to go through the most precious seasons of your life when things are going well and there are so many things to celebrate fully aware, fully grateful, and SO able to soak in and process through those moments and how truly blessed you are.

Don’t you want that too?

I want you to ENVISION that the following were true for you…

Envision that you never had to go on another diet again. Not only do you not have to diet, but you don’t even want to. When a friend tells you about a new diet she’s trying, you simply think to yourself “I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore.”

Envision that you could check in with your body at any moment throughout the day & know what she needed. Not only that, but you are able to trust her, that she is your guidepost & the expert on what is right for you, and so much so that you’re able to actually listen to the signals she sends you without guilt/second thought. It feels best to follow her lead.

Envision that you go on a vacation and aren’t stressed about gaining weight, what you will eat, how often you’ll have to work out, or what you’ll look like in your bikini. Instead of all this stress and worry, you are just excited to go on a trip, have fun, relax, and spend time with the people you love; to build memories! Like a kid! 

Envision working out not feeling like it’s a punishment or a chore or something you’re doing to manipulate your body in a forceful way. Rather, you move your body for the energy it gives to you, how good it makes you feel, and you’re actually able to enjoy it; you look forward to exercise. It’s a time for just you. 

Envision taking care of yourself as a priority, every single day. It feels natural to care for yourself & in doing so you are able to bring greater value to the world and those around you. When you feel cared for, you’re so much more able to selflessly give to those around you. To pay attention to them, to show up, to be fully present and yourself (not to mention, your BEST self). 

Envision waking up the morning after a party, cookout, or weekend getaway with zero guilt and no pressure to “be better.” You speak to yourself gently and feel good because you’re used to honoring your body in all situations. You’re thankful for the night before, you feel filled up, and you’re ready for another day. There’s nothing to make up for. 

Envision being your body’s natural weight, size, and/or shape. This place is one that is comfortable and easy for you to maintain. At this place you have energy, freedom, and contentment. This special place does not require you to do things that are unsustainable and hard long term to manipulate your body. Rather, this place feels steady/real/easy. 

Envision cooking a pan of brownies. Cutting a small square, sitting down with a cup of coffee (or milk – yum!), and slowly savoring each bite. You leave a few crumbs on the plate and wrap up the rest of the pan for later. You feel zero urgency to overeat. The brownies have no power over you, and you are free to enjoy them whenever you like.

Envision looking at an omelette and a stack of french toast and not thinking one were “better” than the other. Instead, you check in and see how you want to feel and what will help you feel that way – it might even be splitting both with your best friend. You’re able to meet your needs, and order what you want.

Envision talking to yourself the way you would to a friend who you’re trying to encourage – with kindness, love, and compassion. You love yourself, not because you’re perfect but because you are inherently worthy of love and you know this and live it out, daily. 

Envision walking by a mirror and appreciating yourself rather than picking yourself apart. You’re way to busy living in your life to spend time hating yourself. When negative thoughts do come up, you’re quick to capture them, turn them down, and encourage yourself instead – you side with your strengths and you keep going. You are powerful. 

Envision feeling FREE to do the things you’ve been putting off – from a trip to a date to brand new outfit to a change in career. You say “yes” to yourself and your life each and every day.

Do you want these things to BE your reality?

I want this for you too, and I am here today to tell you honestly that all of this & more is available to you. I’m here to say you deserve to experience these things. You cannot wait for this another day – the importance of this being your reality is just too big – this is your life.

It’s exhausting to watch other people live the life that you want for yourself. If you want these very same freedoms, you need to go for it. 

If you want to learn how to turn these visions into your REALITY, I want to encourage you to take the leap and come with us on a six week live group coaching journey to mastering this art of freedom in your body, food & in your life.

Imagine yourself six weeks from now having these very freedoms. How would that positively impact your life? Your relationships? Your career? The way you approach each day? Invitation? Opportunity?

A little over two years ago, we launched Finally Free Program for the first time. Finally Free is mine & Simi’s virtual (aka, online) 12 session intuitive eating coaching program.

When we created Finally Free we had NO idea it would grow the way that it has, or the impact that it’s had. We literally had someone say to us “this program should be made mandatory in all high schools.” Yes. That’s how important these freedoms are.

And we can try and get them on our own (please do that versus doing nothing, but the thing is… why? Why work by yourself on these things if you can have support instead?).

Are you a do it yourself-er? So many of us are. Where in your life do you try to do things on your own? How many areas? Don’t you think you deserve to do this one thing with a community? With direct support from Simi and I? To be able to ask questions when you have them? To be able to be carried through any bumps that you encounter?

I think you do…

Over the years, we have seen the women in Finally Free experience such beautiful growth in the program from giving up diets for good, to finding their natural body weight, to letting go of binge eating, to healing relationships in their lives because they’re no longer obsessed and talking about food struggles with the people closest to them (daily)…

Come with us. Join us as we take you further, deeper, and to a more empowered place of freedom with this next round of Finally Free (which includes three live deep dive coaching calls with Simi and I – and yes, they’ll be recorded, and if you can’t make them live you can send your questions to us ahead of time).

To check us out & join, click here:

We will answer all of your questions and hone in on laser coaching you to overcome any roadblocks you encounter along the way. From breaking up with diets to healing emotional/binge/over eating behaviors so that you can honor your body, trust her every day, and end nasty self talk – this program is your journey to self-healing.


  • 12 weeks of video based intuitive eating coaching sessions
  • A library of customized handouts, worksheets, and curated action steps to spark transformation and optimize your success every step of the way
  • 12 transformational topics to help you find your healthiest, happiest body
  • Live coaching with your Finally Free coaches, Paige and Simi, delivered in THREE live group coaching calls (you will have access to the call recordings)
  • Private access to our members only Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive 24/7 support from your coaches and the amazing community
  • Access to all future bonus material and upgrades to Finally Free (including bonus videos on topics requested from Finally Free members)
  • Lifetime access to this virtual program for the life of the program

If you desire to feel free around food, comfortable in your body, and confident in your life, join us in Finally Free; your freedom is literally waiting for you.

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