Here’s what your latest Amazon purchase has in common with binge-eating

Here is what your latest Amazon purchase has in common with binge-eating

In my IG Stories this week, I talked about the connection between the way we are with food and the way we are with money (a video on this here). And I got a lot of responses from people who could relate. 

“The struggle is real!” one of my followers told me in a DM.

So I ran a poll to find out how many more people are feeling stressed about money right now, and the results were *huge* (I’ll share the exact numbers in a minute).

Interestingly, some of my intuitive eating coaching clients have also been telling me about their money anxiety recently, asking if I could help them get organized with their finances too. Since I’m also a Certified Financial Coach, I was more than happy to help, and I put together a program just for them.

But this got me thinking about something a coach said at a seminar I attended a few years back.

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything,” she’d said. 

I now find this to be so true

Especially when it comes to our relationship with food and money.

When you think about it, it actually makes sense that if you struggle with dieting, bingeing and stress eating… 

…you might also struggle with budgeting, splurging and stress spending

I know I used to. 

This year has been so stressful for so many of us. 

A change of routine.




All on top of the normal everyday challenges. 

None of this has made it any easier to manage stress around food and money.

We’re all shopping online more.

You might find you’re buying more pretty decorations for your home and yard…

…or impulse-buying cute outfits that appear in your Instagram feed…

…or staring at a pile of Amazon Prime packages on your porch more than once a week, trying to remember what you ordered (we’ve all been there!)

Spending money – just like bingeing – can bring temporary joy and relief when you’re feeling restricted or stressed. 

The problem is… 

….the stress always returns when you tear open your credit card bill! 

So this year when my clients asked me for help with their finances, it got me wondering…

If money is a source of stress for them (as it used to be for me), could there be many others out there who feel the same?

The responses to my IG Poll this week gave me the answer:

  • 83% of people said that they had experienced struggles, stresses, or worries this year around their finances. 
  • 88% said they’d like to feel more confident and less stressed about money and budgeting. 

So I decided to create a new offer, similar to the programs I’ve tailored for my clients recently.

Because I would really love to help more women build their confidence and enjoy a calmer, healthier relationship with their finances

With no more stress spending

And a budget that is based on joy – not restriction.

So over the next couple of weeks, via email, I’m going to be sharing:

  • the story of my journey to financial freedom and how I let go of beliefs about money that weren’t serving me (look out for the story about the day I spent all $800 of my savings on a shopping spree!)
  • tips for creating a non-restrictive, values-based budget that helps you get on the path to saving, paying off debt AND makes space for the things you love.
  • advice on developing and nurturing a positive money mindset.

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Love, Paige

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