Hiding Spinach in Meals

I swear, the spinach is hidden! You can’t taste it in this smoothie!


Okay, so it’s not that I don’t like spinach, I actually really love it, but for a smoothie? No, common! Spinach is not necessary, unless you cannot taste it! And let me tell you, you cannot taste it! HIDDEN SPINACH!


In my smoothie-

  • About 1 cup (maybe?) of vanilla almond milk
  • About 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 banana
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 2 big ol’ handfuls of spinach!


I swear by this. It’s so yummy! The banana and blueberries, and vanilla flavor or the milk & powder totally overpower the spinach even though it looks super green! I am trying to eat lots of greens right now because I have a cold. I am “hiding spinach in my meals.”


For dinner, I “hid” some spinach in my pasta. The only difference is I actually wanted to taste the spinach this time 🙂

I wanted to use what we had in the fridge, so re-heated things that we already had. To re-heat the pasta, I covered the bottom of the pot with just a little bit of water (seriously just a little bit enough to wet the pasta and make it soft again). I got the water boiling and stirred the pasta right in over medium heat.

In another pan I put a splash of olive oil over medium/high heat with spinach and black beans. I covered this pan so the steam could soften everything.

When both things were ready to go and heated, I added some pesto into the pasta, stirred it around, and slid it into a plate. Then, I the the spinach and black beans right on top, and topped that with some fresh parmesan that my boss just gave me (feels funny calling her a boss, she’s more of a family friend!!) She accidently bought a new container when she already had a full one at home, so I got it! 🙂


This pasta was sooo good!

I know earlier I talked about how I was craving Oatmeal, but when she gave me the parmesan cheese, I really wanted to make something with it! I am thinking I might have Oatmeal for dessert while I watch the bachelor! Hehe, I know I’m going to want a good snack while I’m watching the crazy show, and Oatmeal is soooo good and healthy, plus, I have been craving it alll day! Who knows… I guess we will find out in my next post! I just have TOO many options! I also am kind of craving another smoothie… but a thicker one… in a bowl… what to do?!

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