6 Things My Clients Love About Having a Coach

6 Things My Clients Love About Having a Coach

Today I’m sharing “6 Things My Clients Love About Having a Coach.” Knowing I wanted to do this post, I spent the past few months collecting feedback from several of my clients asking what they love about our time in coaching together.

My hope is that this post will inspire and encourage those of you who are interested in hiring a coach, but haven’t quite gathered up the courage it takes to move forward into hiring a coach (perhaps your first one!). Getting support in a loving, positive coaching relationship is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I know, because I’ve been there.

So, here we go! Let’s dive into what my clients had to share about our time together…

1. They Feel Supported

I love my bi-weekly coaching calls. They give me enough time to study myself between sessions and work on the action steps that Paige and I set together. Intuitive eating is such a journey; it’s a daily practice. It becomes more natural as you go, and having a coach makes the learning process MUCH easier. As we all know, diets can be so seductive (especially when you have a friend whose dieting and in the “honeymoon phase” of her diet), so having someone who supports you and UNDERSTANDS what you’re going through is so helpful to keep you on track.

I love that Paige is available via text – she can put me at easy instantly. I also love that our program is six-months long. Six-months feels like such a good amount of time; it’s only been six-weeks and I already feel SO much better working with Paige. I notice how much more self aware and self compassionate I am. Self-compassion has been one of the GREATEST things Paige has taught me.

2. It’s a Release

Working with Paige has allowed me to feel SUCH  a release in my life. When I first started working with Paige there were so many things weighing on me, like: food, finances, confidence (or my lack of), and dealing with a general lack of motivation around wanting to move my body.

I loved that I learned something new  in each session with Paige. Even if we were talking about the same topic, I always seemed to leave with a new and fresh perspective. We got to talk about so many different things, which I loved; It wasn’t all about food. There were many times in a session where I didn’t know something was weighing me down and I’d hop on the phone with Paige and again, feel such a release.

I love that after each session Paige would send me a follow-up email with notes from our session. These emails always included what I would work on in the two weeks between our sessions (these are steps that Paige and I had decided on together). These steps always left me feeling excited to practice new behaviors and see how I felt; I love that everything was an experiment with Paige. There was never pressure; rather, everything I worked on felt positive and empowering.

Each week working with Paige I made more and more progress. Everytime we talked I felt like I was uncovering more and more hidden stressors and with that awareness I was able to work to improve each of them. It was magical! You can make so much progress so quickly in coaching.

3. The Space to Reflect

I liked that my time spent in coaching with Paige was constructive. Every two weeks, I left my coaching sessions knowing what I would work on next. I’d done counseling before and appreciated that coaching was different. It was future focused rather than past/childhood focused. Coaching really gave me the opportunity to focus on what I wanted.

Before each coaching session I’d get myself into a space of “What do I want to work on today? What have I thought about these past two weeks?” I’d take a moment to read through journal entries from the past two weeks and reflect on what had gone well (Paige always starts our sessions asking what’s gone well – I love this!), what I wanted to work on, and how I felt. I loved this time spent prepping for my sessions with Paige. It helped me to feel present in my life.

If there was ever a time where I wasn’t sure what I wanted to work on in a session, Paige always helped me to feel comfortable by asking questions that helped me to reflect and something always seemed to come up, which made me go even deeper in coaching.

I loved blocking time in my schedule to talk with Paige. It’s something I always looked forward to, it was consistent, easy to prioritize, and I always knew that I would leave our sessions feeling empowered. It really made me feel like I was prioritizing ME.

4. An Outside Perspective

I loved that working with Paige gave me the space to reflect on and explore things that I wouldn’t have been able to express to friends and family. Especially with food; I felt that Paige had been where I was and understood the struggled and challenges that I used to face.

For example, I have a great relationship with my boyfriend and there’s a lot we do talk about, however, there’s only so much space (that feels good) to talk about yourself and your struggles in a relationship. Having that space with Paige, someone who was removed from my personal life, to dig deeper allowed me to free up time with my boyfriend so that we could talk about other more FUN things when we’re together.

Paige is a great listener and she helps you to not get lost in the details of your own story. Rather, she’ll prompt you to explore a situation further and take a biiiig step back. She’ll help you by sharing new perspectives.

5. The Ripple Effect

I grew so much in coaching. I swear, as I went through coaching there must have been about 10 huge life experiences that changed because of the time I spent investing in myself. I loved knowing that every two weeks I had this positive appointment (my sessions with Paige) in my calendar that was just for me.

I have NO regrets about signing up for coaching; in fact, if anything I wish I would have given myself permission to do it sooner! I loved that Paige was focused on me and allowed me to ask for her opinion anytime I felt stuck. Paige is extremely relatable and does not let you feel alone in a struggle.

The ripple effect that coaching has had in my life has been incredible. My career, relationships, the courage to follow my dreams, etc… all of it has improved with coaching. Paige taught me that when you work on improving one area of your life, every other area begins to simultaneously improve. I found this to be true in my work with Paige.

6. Our Partnership

Coaching was such a great experience for me. I loved creating a coaching relationship with Paige. I loved the goal setting we did together. I loved how we would break down my goals into manageable chunk sizes. I loved that we made long term and short term goals and all of the tips and strategies Paige shared with me to make my goals feel manageable.

One of the greatest aspects of coaching is the partnership you get to have with Paige and the accountability you get (the free email support is helpful too!). If I ever had an ah-ha moment between coaching sessions with Paige she always allowed me to email her about it so we could revisit that ah-ha moment at our next session.

When you’re working with Paige, you don’t feel alone. You feel understood and supported. I love that I felt safe in coaching with Paige – I think that’s the most important part of having a coach. That you feel connected to him/her. Like they’ve walked in your shoes before.

Work with Me:

I currently have 3 spaces to work with me opening up this November. Your first step in finding out if we’re a good fit to work with one another is to book a free Discovery Session with me. This call is a really special, no-pressure opportunity for us to connect in a deeper way.

There’s no need to make a decision about working together over the phone — this call is about you and I getting to know each other, answering any questions you have, and making sure you feel comfortable (a huge part of working with me!).

Get more info and book your Discovery Session here.

I went into my coaching with Paige knowing so much about intuitive & mindful eating, but for some reason I just couldn't figure out how to live that sort of lifestyle. I was in a place where I just knew I needed that extra guidance to help me get back to my body's roots.

My first call with Paige was an instant sigh of relief. She related to everything I was struggling with, whether it be food restriction/diet mentality, being a gal in her 20s, or society's pressure that is put on women. I immediately felt more relaxed after our call because I knew she would be able to help me get back in touch with my body and learn the skills to not be so hard on myself.

In the end, it was never about the food. Paige helped me realize this and guided me into a life of truly nurturing and caring for myself. Our calls not only lead me to multiple "a-ha" epiphanies, but also true self care that I realized I had been denying myself for years.

With Paige's support, I now can say that I treat each day like a Friday. And by this I mean that I am excited for each day when I wake up, as opposed to living a diet type life mon-thurs and only living for the weekends. I get excited about what my body is hungry for, I enjoy wine nights with my friends, I have more confidence to try new things and meet new people, and most importantly, I now know how to pause and check in with myself to ask my body what she needs in any particular moment.

Paige is not only a coach, but a caring, honest and warm individual. She just feels like that girlfriend you need when your spirits are in need of a boost. Thank you, Paige!
- Bridget S.

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