Holiday Happenings & Weekend Eats

Hey gals!

I’m here, posting on a Tuesday because I had too much to share NOT to. As promised last Friday, I’m sharing this past weekends eats with you. The weekend was FILLED with holiday centered events, so there were many chances for indulgent eats. Overall, I’d say it felt pretty balanced!


avo toast

Breakfast: Friday morning started off with avocado toast. I actually borrowed this photo from an old blog post just a couple days after we moved to SLO, which was so fun for me to re-read.

working from bello mundo

After breakfast I walked to Bello Mundo Cafe to have some coffee and work on Finally Free with Simi. We did about 3 solid hours of Finally Free work, which is always so fulfilling. We love our FF community.

lunch at plutos

Lunch: After I finished up my work I walked to meet my friend Caitlin at Pluto’s for lunch. I ordered a turkey sandwich and side salad, which ended up being way bigger than I thought. So, I saved half for dinner and called it a day.

nails done at mini lux nails

After lunch I had a Naturopath appointment and a nail appointment. Such a self-care day!

I decided to see a Naturopath to help me with my PMS (which I wrote all about here). I am so glad that I did, because I’m already feeling better after just 3 days.

Our game plan for the next 2 months is this: no coffee, + a seed/oil rotation. <– I’ll share more about this seed/oil rotation in another post!

After a few days of no coffee, my moods are feeling more balanced and I feel like a more normal human being. I’m also finding that I have more sustained energy throughout the day, rather than a burst of energy in this morning and little-to-none at night.

the beanie chronicles

In the evening (remember, dinner was the other half of lunch) I went with a group of friends to Cambria to see the Christmas lights at the Cambria Pines Lodge. So fun!

asia croson and paige schmidt

My beanie is from this Etsy shop. My friend Asia makes them, and I swear every one of her friends owns one. They’re THE BEST.

cambria pines lodge christmas lights

At the Christmas lights event we all got the best hot cocoa ever (it had cinnamon or some fun spice inside!) and also shared toasted almonds. So amazing!

cambria pines lodge holidays



Saturday morning I got to wake up and cozy around the house for a few hours. I sipped my tea, jumped online to hire my own business coach (I’m SO excited to have the same attention my own clients get, but for my business and personal growth), and then made myself breakfast.

oatmeal and tea

Breakfast: Oatmeal with flaxseed, apples, and peanut butter + tea on the side.

paige schmidt photoshoot

After breakfast I had a photoshoot with Asia (she’s an amazing photographer – if you’re in the area, you must meet her!). It’s been a year since the last photos I took, plus the blog is in the process of getting a total facelift (I can’t wait for you guys to see in mid-Jan!).

I’m so excited about it!

Paige Schmidt SLO What? Mag Paige Schmidt SLO What? Mag #2

Here are some more photos! These are actually in her newest edition of “SLO What?” magazine. I wrote an article all about how to start feeling good NOW and not waiting for the New Year (because, why wait?). You can see the article here.


Lunch: After the photoshoot Asia and I walked over to Firestone to grab lunch. We each ordered a salad (they have the best salads!) and shared a side of french fries. So delicious after hours of shooting. We were starving! 

healthy hot chocolate

After lunch, I came home, cleaned up my house, and made myself some hot cocoa while I relaxed and caught up on a little blog reading. I ditched the relaxing and blog reading when my friend invited me to go to the salon with her while she got her hair done.

I hungout with her little, Easton, while she got pampered. Love that little guy!

brown rice and salmon dinner

Dinner: When I got home from the salon, I ate dinner and got ready for the evening. Dinner was brown rice, broccoli, salmon, avocado, tomato, and a little hot red chili paste.

dark chocolate

To top off dinner I had a square of dark chocolate. Num, num, num.

marco and paige

At night, we went to a classy Christmas party, which was super fun. Here’s Marco and I together at the party! While I was at the party, I snacked on a few crackers with brie and sipped on vodka soda.

holiday party

After the party we continued on downtown, which was SO fun but also really took a toll on all of us. We didn’t get home to sleep until about 3:00 AM. When we got home we were starving so I made us a few Alexia french fries and then went straight to bed.


Weekend Eats Holiday Party | Healthy Hits the Spot - 1 of 3

Breakfast: You guys. My breakfast was so sad. Ha! A few french fries (half this) out of a coffee mug. I didn’t feel so well :(.

Weekend Eats Holiday Party | Healthy Hits the Spot - 2 of 3

Lunch: A plain turkey burger. I ate this after I took a super long nap with Marco and felt so so much better. After lunch I went to Starbucks with Asia, grabbed some herbal chai tea, and then looked at all the photos from my shoot. They are SO cute you guys. I can’t wait to share them all!

After looking through photos, Marco and I went to the gym.

Weekend Eats Holiday Party | Healthy Hits the Spot - 3 of 3

Dinner: We ordered out. Pizza, hotwings, and salad. Half pepperoni and jalapeños for him, half veggie for her. I ate two slices of pizza plus my side salad with blue cheese. I also had one small spicy buffalo wing. So yummy!

We watched Frozen to end the evening and cuddled on the couch with the heater on full blast. It’s freezing here! Our house gets SO cold.

Well, that was my weekend guys! Lots of fun, rest, and yummy/random food. I hope you all had a good one! I’ll see you back at the blog tomorrow.


Love, Paige

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