Home from Ohio for the Filming of Finally Free!

Hello all!

I had THE MOST wonderful time in Ohio with my friend & partner Simi.

flying over the US

I went to Ohio this last week to film for a new virtual health coaching program that we are releasing in MARCH 2015 called FINALLY FREE.

finally free program logo

The first day I got there Simi picked me up from the airport and we went to an adorable coffee shop called Pistacia Vera. I ordered a soy latte & Simi ordered a tea while we read through our outlines and prepped for filming.

pistacia vera coffee soy latte

The next day we met our graphic designers Adam & Allie at the Wonder Jam Headquarters – their office in Columbus. We worked all day on the Website, branding, and content. We took a break around noon for lunch at Whole Foods, where we each got to pick our favorites. I chose a selection of Indian Foods to warm my belly. It was -4 on day one of my Ohio trip. The only thing this CA girl can relate that to is standing in the freezer at Costco, minus a few more degrees!

paige schmidt and simi botic working

On day 3, Friday, we filmed! We got blowouts in downtown Columbus first thing in the morning at The Blowout Bar.

blowout bar columbus ohio

After our hair appointments we headed back to Simi’s house to set up.

filiming finally free intuitive eating program

Our insanely talented videographer, Simi’s Sister Christiana was a goddess. She filmed us for two straight days.


Friday night we went to Bareburger in downtown and had dinner with Sim’s Dad, Sis, Hubby, and friend. So so yummy!

Saturday morning started off with a delicious breakfast at home when Christiana, our videographer, brought over Pistacia Vera. Following breakfast came another full day of filming.

food from pistacia vera

Saturday night Sim had a group of friends over for a sweet potato bar. I had so much fun with this! We sipped wine, the girls sat around the dining room table, and all of the guys played darts in the basement (and drank a ton of bourbon). We landed ourselves in bed just after midnight.

Sunday morning we went to North Star Cafe for Brunch. It was so yummy! Columbus has some great food! After brunch we shopped around downtown (totally bundled up of course). The rest of Sunday was full of coffee, couch lounging while working from our laptops/iPads, a little fun grocery trip (even ran into a reader that had found my blog through Simi… So cool!) & the Golden Globes (I’m even more excited to continue reading Yes Please now that I’ve seen Amy in action – I don’t get around TV much).

north star cafe columbus

Monday (yesterday) was full of work for Sim & I. It was so fun to get to work together. We planned for Finally Free, made new content, worked on emails, and bounced ideas off of one another. At 3:45 I left to make my flight.


flying over ohio

I arrived in CA around 10:30 and was SO happy to hug & squeeze my Husband. I love the feeling of seeing someone you love so much for the first time after being away. It’s almost like you forget exactly what they look like 🙂

Now, I’m back home, re-arranging my office (inspiration hit this week), and getting busy with work!

I’ve got a photo shoot this weekend for my coaching business in Ventura so my hubby and I are going to make a little 3 day vacation out of it 🙂

Then SUNDAY I’ll have a day off. Entirely. For the first time in two weeks. So glad I LOVE my job so darn much. I’m feeling incredibly fulfilled. It feels wonderful to believe in something (my one on ones & Finally Free) so much! Especially when you’ve worked so hard.

I can’t wait for FINALLY FREE to be here girls! I’m sure you can’t either!

Be back tomorrow with some Daily Eats.

xo, your coach


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