How a college girl eats!

Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous day! I know I sure did! It was my first day back to school. I must say, I prepared myself so well mentally, because it wasn’t as bad as I expected! I DEFINITELY have a FULL load, but I thought my life was going to be gone once school started! Haha. I realizing that all it is, is prioritizing and making time to study each and everyday.

I woke up this morning at 5:15 to get myself ready and get my stuff all organized and together. This is everything that went into my backpack today. My classes were awesome! I get to study cadavers! You all know what those are right? I never thought I’d be excited about that, but actually quite anxious now! 😉

I ran out of the house this morning with no time to sit down and eat breakfast, plus, so early in the morning I was NOT hungry. So, I packed some stuff.

1) A mini blueberry crisp Clif Bar

2) One serving of raw almonds (this little scale is SO convenient for serving sizes!)

3) a lemon zest Luna Bar!

I ate the Luna Bar at break around 9am, the almonds around 11, and the mini Clif Bar at about 1:30. It was PERFECT!

Here’s a picture of the Anatomy Lab! Fun stuff, right? 😉

When I got home I was hungry but didn’t even have time to eat because I had a lot to do before I took my little Griffin to his hair appt. I grabbed one serving of Just Mango Slices and hit the road

Such a perfect little snack!

After Griffin got his hair done and I took his friend to football, I came home and ate dinner.

One bbq’d corn-on-the-cob with no butter added. It was actually still SO good without butter! I have never NOT added it before because I was so used to always having it. It was just as good without!

I also made a delicious salad with spring mix, slivered almonds, raisins, feta cheese, turkey and olive oil & balsamic

I also used the scale to measure out the serving sized on my salad toppings also. It’s great! I feel so in control and I’m still not counting my calories at all, so it’s not binding. It’s actually quite freeing because you know you’re eating lite; that always feels great!

Anyways, I am off to make notecards and then hit the gym to study! Got to incorporate working out into the school life still, right? 🙂

Love, Paige

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