How Do I Stop Feeling Burnout?

How Do I Stop Feeling Burnout?

Hello everyone!

A new episode is live on the podcast today! This episode is all about the actions I have implemented in my life for the last few months, and the idea on burnout that has truly changed how I look at my life and the daily things I do to set myself up for success.

This idea is: burnout doesn’t come from taking action. Burnout comes from taking action from negative emotion.

A little backstory: I took the month of December 2020 to reflect on my life and where I wanted to be in the upcoming years. You can read more about that here.

The things I wanted, such as starting the podcast, were going to require a lot of work. I was worried that it would even be too much work, especially with baby Selah on the way.

But they were all things I wanted to do, so I wanted to figure out how to make them happen.

So, how have I done all of these actions that I wanted to do?

Well, first… I threw out my to do list. Yep! I threw it out. Instead, I now dump everything I need to get done on paper, kind of like a brain dump in my journal. Then, I put everything into my calendar, down to the times I am going to complete them, so I would know exactly when I was going to do it. When something throughout the week pops up that I need to do, I will just go to my calendar and find a time.

This has made me SO much less stressed out. Now, I feel calm and present throughout the day. Why?

Burnout doesn’t come from all the little things you need to do to become your best self. Burnout comes from taking action from negative emotion.

For example, if I wake up in the morning in a rush, feeling like I’m already too busy for all that I need to do, I am going to focus on that negative and rushed feeling all throughout the day.

However, what if you were to approach what you need to do with a calm attitude? How amazing and empowered would you feel to get everything done that you have put into your calendar.

It’s not our circumstances that create how we feel. It’s our thoughts about all of it. That’s why two different people can have the exact same schedule and same amount of hours in the day and feel totally different.

Our schedules don’t create how we feel, our thoughts about our days/to-do’s create how we feel. That is how burnout happens – when we create negative thoughts around what we have to do.

Calendaring everything I need to do also allows me to intentionally schedule things that align with my values and goals. They align with what is going to help me grow into my best self. I can do tasks with laser focus, and never feel burned out on them. I even calendar my white space, my shower, driving time to the doctor, and when I’m going to eat, so that I don’t over-schedule. And it makes my day feel so smooth and calm – I love having downtime, taking a shower, going for a walk with Abby. These bring me joy, so I am going to make time for them.

I value flexibility so much, and I know everything isn’t going to be perfect. Plans change, and that is totally fine. But having a plan throughout the week of how you are going to get things done, and being able to see them evenly spread out throughout the week, makes your to do list seem much more realistic than just staring at a daunting list each week.

Listen to the podcast (links below!) to hear how you can change your outlook on negative emotions to stop burnout, how to work backwards to achieve your goals, and how to further align your calendar with your values and becoming the version of your best self.

I’ll talk about how you can schedule your day to feel more positive emotions, how to move through negative emotions, and more!

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